Monday, November 15, 2010

"Waiting for Emilie to return" Part 10

Here is an amazing article descibing how beatiful Emilie is:

Emilie De Ravin - the Most Beautiful Actress on TV(by Jason Lindholm)
When it comes to judging beauty, it is always in the eye of the beholder; and since I am the holder of the eye, my choice for the most beautiful woman/actress on TV, is Emilie de Ravin. She stars on ABC hit drama Lost, where she plays Claire. From head to toe, Emilie de Ravin is breathtaking.She has the sexiest blonde hair since Marilyn Monroe.Her petite build is not to muscular, not to weak. She doesn't need to wear gobs of make-up to be beautiful. In fact, she looks better when she is without paint.

On Lost, Emilie plays Claire, mother to the newborn baby Aaron. During most of the first season of Lost, Emilie de Ravin had to act with a 'pregnant stomach'. Her character, Claire, was extremely pregnant and gave birth during the season.Granted, it wasn't a real pregnancy, but Emilie de Ravin was the most attractive pregnant woman I've ever seen. You always here the termglow to describe a pregnant woman.I just never got it before. I've been around many pregnant people before, and glowEmilie de Ravin has been blessed with a natural beauty that millions of women strive to achieve. The only problem is that natural beauty is just that, natural. I can't say that I've ever woke up beside Ms. Ravin, but I bet she looks just as beautiful at 6 AM, fresh from the night's sleep, as she does when she's out on the town. Then there areher eyes. Emilie de Ravin has blue eyes that pierce my heart like Excalibur did the stone. The blue in her eyes could easily have been the inspiration for Picasso's blue period had he been alive today.Only difference, Picasso would have experienced a happy blue, not one so sad. isn't a word that immediately would spring to mind.But when Emilie had to appear in such a way, she was even more beautiful than ever.I know it's just acting, but great actors don't just act, they incorporate reality into their work.Plus, you cannot fake beauty.

Her smile is a smile that both warms and invites the glance, nay, the stare. The way her nose wrinkles, only slightly, the way he eyes open wider than a summer blockbuster on Memorial Day weekend, the way her cheeks turn upward as if lifting up to prayer; is a sight to be seen. I can only hope for more Claire episodes on Lost.

Emilie de Ravin is a beautiful, elegant, gracefulwoman. May she enjoy everything that life has to offer her. May she have continued success on both television and in film. May she have a long and loving marriage.May she continue to grace the world with her beauty.

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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sunday, November 7, 2010

"Waiting for Emilie to return" Part 8

A tribute to Roswell:
Today, i decided to make a post dedicated to Roswell. You will have the chance to see photos, screencaps, videos, clips, auditions and more stuff from Emilie's first project since she settled down to LA. I hope that by this post, fans of the show will remember the days when Emilie was Tess Harding and people who hasn't seen the show, might want to check it out in the future! I just started whatching the second season and i highly recomment it! But i said enough, let's get started!

First of all, here are all the promos of the 3 seasons of the show. Emilie is in the 6 last episodes of season one and a regular in the second season. She also has a guest in the final season!

Secondly, here are some photos of Emilie's and the cast's. Credit for the first 7 photos goes to LilMouse from FanForum!!!!

Now check two auditions that Emilie did to take the part:

Now, take a look at some screencaps of Emilie's. I found them on Emilie Online, a site with thousands of stills screencaps and much more. You should really visit it!

Furthermore, you can read my review on the first season of the show(it contain some spoilers):

I saw Roswell!!! I actually watched 22 episodes in 4 days (i thought i could this only with Lost). The first season was really good overall..!! I think that the fist two episodes were interesting enough to make you want to see the rest of the series... I didn't like episodes 3 and 4 that much because they were focusing on the romance or in other things not related to the series' mysteries... That's the reason why i didn't enjoy that much some other episodes as well but this doesn't mean that they were bad.. I loved the storyline related to aliens' origins, River Dog, Nasedo etc.. And i also believe that the story was enriched with Tess's addition. I am not saying that only because of Emilie... The character was really interesting, mysterious and had some important answers that the viewers needed... Oh and Emilie was so sexy as Tess. One small example is the scene in the library where she was with Kyle... Lucky Kyle I also liked the scene that is shown in the photos below. It was hot but kind of funny in the same way!! As for the other characters: Liz: I haven't decided if i like her or not, maybe i have to see the other seasons to make up my mind.
Max: I don't like him and i think the reason is Jason Behr. I don't know if i am the ideal person to judge his acting but i think he is not expressive enough.. As a result, sometimes he may be dull or not convinsing
Isalbel: I tihnk she and Tess are my favorite female characters.. I know that some Roswell fans think she is annoying but i she is always honest and and determined to her beliefs.
Maria - Michael: I like them but they are not my favorites
Alex: Probably my favorite male character - hated when Liz was lying to him about Max etc..
Kyle: I like him too. He is supposed to be the tupical irrirating guy who may threaten the relationship between Max and Liz(basically in the beggining of the season, i think that later he accepts the fact that Liz loves Max) but he is cool.

I also liked sherrif, i knew that he was gonna help them in the end!! Oh i forgot to reffer to Maria's mom. She is not that important to the whole story but i like her very much!!! She is funny and i don't know how her relationship with sherrif will be developed but i like them together!!

Finally, take a look on a couple of scenes of the show that are available on You Tube:

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