Tuesday, June 26, 2012

"Love and Other Troubles" coming to DVD on June 29th

  After almost 6 months since it's release, "Love And Other Troubles" aka "Hulluna Saraan" is finally coming to DVD and Blu-ray, at least in Finland! During the last 30 days there were a lot of finnish sites reporting the upcoming release of the movie but there wasn't any official confirmation. So i decided to contact the co-writer of the film, Katri Manninen, through Twitter. Not only did she confirmed the news but she was polite enough to send a photo of the DVD cover, which you can see on the left!

 If you are not familiar with the movie, i suggest that you watch the trailer and read the synopsis below:

Ville, 25, is a downbeat former child star who's successfully avoided his womanizing rock 'n' roll dad for years. Everything changes when his dad moves into his flat and they both fall in love with the same American line-dancing teacher. The movie stars Emilie de Ravin,Ville Virtanen and Jussi Nikkilä. It is directed by Samuli Valkama who co-wrote the script with Katri Manninen!

 I also found the cover of the Blu-ray version which you can see bellow:

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Saturday, June 23, 2012

"Once Upon A Time" heading to "Comic-Con"

 It seems that the great news related to "Once Upon A Time" have no ending. After the news that Emilie is promoted to a series regular this season, now TVGUIDE.COM exclusively informs us that our favorite new show is heading to Comic-Con and Emilie will be there! Read the article bellow:

The San Diego Convention Center's mammoth 4,500-seat Ballroom 20 is going to look a whole lot like Storybrooke (or is it Fairytale Land?) — hopefully minus fire-breathing dragons and eerie purple haze — on July 14 when the cast and producers of ABC's Once Upon a Time take the stage at Comic-Con International.
Co-creators Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz (who I first drove crazy with questions when they were executive producers of Lost), will be forced by threat of poison apple to spill Season 2 secrets during the 11am panel moderated by TV Guide Magazine senior editor and columnist William Keck. (Hey, that's me!)
Appearing on the stage will be several of the stars who helped make Once this past season's top-rated new drama series. Ginnifer Goodwin (Snow White), Jennifer Morrison (Emma Swan), Lana Parrilla (the Evil Queen), Josh Dallas (Prince Charming), Meghan Ory (Little Red) and newly promoted series regular Emilie de Ravin (Belle) will all be on hand to make fans' fantasies come true. After our spoilery, eye-opening chat, the gang will be available for an autograph session in Room 28C from 12:15 to 1:00. So bring your shiny apples to get signed, kiddies!

I think it's the first time Emilie is participating in this amazing event. I hope you manage to attend and meet all these great actors.
When more information hit the web, you will be the first to know it!
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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Emilie de Ravin is coming to Storybrooke for good!

While Emilie is busy filming her new project, Air Force One Is Down, some great news about another project of hers, hit the net today!

As TVline first reported Emilie de Ravin has been upgrated to a series regular for the second season of "Once Upon A Time".
 As the site continues "...The Lost alum’s future with the fantastical ABC drama seemed solid given the events of the Season 1 finale, in which Belle was sprung from Storybrooke captivity to reunite with onetime flame Rumpelstiltskin and make him aware of Regina/the Evil Queen’s duplicitous act. Still, it’s nice to see it made official with the actress’ inking of a deal.
 As Once scribe Jane Espenson recently explained to us, “We cast [Emilie] thinking that she’d be great for this but that it would probably be a one-shot — but if she didn’t get a pilot and she had a good time and she’s available, we knew that of course she’d be welcome back!”
 De Ravin, whose ABC pilot Americana did not get picked up for the fall, appeared in a total of three Once Upon a Time episodes during the show’s freshman run."

Eventhough Emilie appeared only in three episodes in the show's first season, fans of "Once Upon A Time" adored her and her relationship with Robert Carlyle's Rumplestiltskin! Now that she is a regular, her storyline will probably be expanded, which is great!

  Finally, among the numerous fans who talked about Emilie's promotion in sites, blog, or Twitter, "Once Upon A Time" co-creator ,Adam Horowitz, and Emilie's Lost co-star ,Daniel Dae Kim, tweeted about the news. Here is what they said:

 And here is what Emilie said about her "Promotion":

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

First Photos From The Set Of "Air Force One Is Down"

As i informed you before it's time to share with you the first photos from the set of "Air Force One Is Down" in Luxemburg.

Unfortunately, we can barely see Emilie de Ravin, but it's great we have a first look on the project anyway!

As a boy who likes action films, i am really excited about this. Watching Emilie as a kick ass Russian agent will be great for sure! The photos were taken from JC Mason's official Facebook Page, who has a part in the mini-series! I own nothing of course!
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First Official Press Release for Emilie de Ravin's "Air Force One Is Down"

It has been almost a month and a half since Emilie de Ravin have been working on her new project, Air Force One Is Down, and today the press release for the action packed mini-series was released!

You can read the article that was first released on www.worldscreen.com bellow:

 NEW YORK: Power and Sonar Entertainment have unveiled new details for the upcoming action/suspense television event Alistair MacLean’s Air Force One is Down, which will star Linda Hamilton.

Hamilton will play U.S. President Harriet Rowntree. Also on board the cast are Jeremy Sisto, Amanda Donohoe, Emilie de Ravin, Rupert Graves and Jamie Thomas King.

The four-hour mini-series is currently shooting in Luxembourg. It is produced by Cedros Productions and Ingenious Media's Fringilla Productions in the U.K. and Lynx Productions in Luxembourg.

“Our dynamic and appealing cast, spectacular locations and a taut, edgy script inspired by the legendary Alistair MacLean, are an unbeatable combination,” commented Stewart Till, the CEO of Sonar Entertainment. “We have all the pieces in place for a very watchable and memorable television event.”

Susan Waddell, Power's CEO, remarked, “This is an exciting project for us. Air Force One and Alistair MacLean are both iconic brands with global appeal. Add to that our strong cast and a great contemporary script and you have a winning formula guaranteed to attract a legion of existing fans and thrill a new generation of viewers.”

According to IMDb, the cast also includes Jaime King, Cas Anvar and Leila Schaus among others. I hope we have more updates soon! For know, i can reassure you that the first photos from the set will be posted next! Not much of Emilie, but you can at least get a glimpse of her!

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