Saturday, September 17, 2011

It's a wrap for "Love and Other Troubles"

  After almost one and a half months of production, the shooting of "Love and Other Troubles" is finally over. The final scenes were filmed yesterday in Los Angeles!
  As you probably know the production started last July in Finland and last Monday members of the crew flew to Los Angeles to film some remaining scenes that take place in the U.S. One of them is producer Essi Suomela who shared the news with her followers on twitter:

The producer also shared a couple of photos from the set. Unfortunately, they aren't featuring Emilie but you can see director Samuli Valkama and the crew filming in a seaside area and downtwon Los Angeles:
  The movie is about to be released in Finland next year and stars Emilie de Ravin, Ville Virtanen and Jussi Nikkila. The script is writen by Katri Manninen and Samuli Valkama who is also the director of the project. Information about a possible participation of the film in a film festival or a U.S. release is not known yet, but i hope we have news soon!
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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Emilie de Ravin in the cover of Finnish newspaper "Metro"

  Now that Emilie is participating in the finnish production of "Love and Other Troubles", media in Finland are focing on her, which is great. Since the shooting started back in July, sites have been covering all the latest updates by posting photos, videos, interviews and tones of information. Now a finnish newspaper called "Metro" has Emilie in it's cover. There is also an article about the movie inside the newspaper. As you can imagine, it is in finnish so ,unfortunately, i can't translate it. What i can do is share with you two scans that i found on

I would be more than pleased if someone could translate it. It may contain some new information about the movie! You can read it online here:
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Emilie spotted by Twitter users (?)

  The shooting of "Love and Other Troubles" might have already started in the US but we still haven't any reports or photos from the set. On the other hand, some Twitter users might have located it Emilie in Boston and New York. Or at least this is what they insinuate. 
  On September 3rd, a Twitter user from Boston Twitted that he was sitting next to Emilie while another one from New York twitted that she also saw her a couple of days ago! As i told you, Emilie is currently filming "Love and other troubles" in the US and the exact location is not known, so they might saw her near the set of the film (according to the tweets i posted in my previous post, it seems that they are filming the movie in LA though). Then again, they might saw someone else and thought it was Emilie! Or they might didn't "tweet" from the place shown in their Twitter profiles.
  Anyway, whatever happened, i thought i should let you know. Here are the tweets:

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"Love and Other Troubles" production in LA has started!

  As i had informed you before, after the end of shooting of Emilie de Ravin's new movie "Love and Other Troubles" in Finland, the crew was about to travel to LA in order to film some scenes that take place in the US on September 12th. For the last five days, some producers of the movie have been updating their Twitter accounts, confirming this information:

  I am really happy that "Love and Other Troubles" aka "Hulluna Saraan" is almost finished! I can not wait to see the first official stills or a trailer and i am sure you share the same excitement with me as well! For all the latest updates related to the movie stay tuned!
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Saturday, September 3, 2011

New photos from the set of "Love and Other Troubles" hit the net.

  After learning all the latest updates of the film, it is time to have a closer look on the set of  "Love and Other Troubles". The shooting might have ended but this doesn't mean we will stop have updates related to the movie! Below you can see some photos taken "on location"!  In the first two photos you can see Emilie de Ravin and Ville Virtanen on the set "of a summer party" (you can see more pictures from that day in a previous post of mine: Brand new photo from the set of "Love and Other Troubles"). The rest of the photos featuring Emilie are probably taken in Turku or Salo, while the last one with Jussi Nikkilä is taken in Turku!
  But i think i said enough. It's time for some new photos!

I would really like to credit for the majority of the photos!
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All the latest updates from "Love and Other Troubles"

  A while ago i had reported that according to a producer of the film, the shooting of "Love and Other Troubles" was over. It seems this is not completely true after all.
  Specifically, last week, producer Essi Suomela announced via her Twitter account: "Give a big hand to Emilie; last day of shooting! Thanks darling, you were amazing and we will miss you!" It seems that she was just reffering to the last day of Emilie's on the set! For the last 10 days, members of the crew of the film, have been updating their Twitter accounts, informing their followers about the process of the filming which means that the movie's production was not over! But today they made clear that after 32 days of shooting, it's a wrap for "Love and Other Troubles"! At least in Finland:

  As you may know, most of the scenes of the movie were filmed in Turku (you can learn more about the town in my previous article about the movie: Everything you need to know about Emilie de Ravin's "Love and Other Troubles") but some other locations the shooting took place are in Salo! According to Finnish sites' reports, the cast and crew filmed scenes in a bar and in Salo's square about two weeks ago! You can see the town bellow:

  And now here is some information about the movie's cast. First of all, Jussi Nikkilä was recently interviewed by a finnish site. He said a lot of things about the movie. He praised the script and reffered to a scene that had to be filmed numerous times because it was so funny that he couldn't stop laughing! Also when he was asked about Emilie he said among other things: "She is great". Another co-star of Emilie's, Jessica Grabowski, talked about her on Channel 4. She said that Emilie is really nice, friendly and not a diva!
  This is all i can share with you for now. Some new photos from the set will be posted soon! Stay tuned for more updates and news!
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