Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Filming of "Love and other troubles" in Finland is over

  It seems that it's a wrap for "Love and Other Troubles"! At least in Finland! After shooting started on July 19th, today a producer of the film announced via Twitter that it's the last day of shooting!
  As you may know, a part of the film is gonna be filmed in the US, so the entire production will be finnished in September. The location where the movie will be filmed is not known yet, but i suppose it is Los Angeles!
  A few days ago, the same producer of the movie announced in Twitter that she is gonna be in LA from September 12th to September 18th! Maybe, this has nothing to do with the movie but ,on the other hand, the remaining scenes of the movies might be filmed then. I suppose we will have more information soon, but for now you can check the tweet i was talking about below:

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