Tuesday, August 23, 2011

"Love and Other Troubles" to be released in Finland this February? - Samuli Valkama's new interview

"Love and Other Troubles" director, Samuli Valkama, was recently interviewed by turkulainen.fi and was asked about the story of the film, the locations where the shooting took place and approaching Emilie! Apart from this interesting information, the interview gives us a hint about the film's release. Actually, the film is expected to premiere on February 2012! I suppose this information has to do only with the Finnish release though, but it's still great news! You can read parts of the interview below:

On choosing Turku for the shooting of the movie:
- Director, says that he did not want to shoot the film in Helsinki, but in some smaller towns. The group first visited the Saloon, but thought it was, after all, itoo small. They quickly found suitable shooting locations in Turku...
- Turku, architecture, buildings can be found in a large scale. Turku is a freshness of feeling, i was born in Turku, Valkama says.

On casting Emilie in the movie: 
- We went through several different stages before we were able to discuss directly with the actress. De Ravin was immediately excited about the project. She liked the script! 

The original interview was posted in finnish and you can see it here: www.turkulainen.fi

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