Sunday, February 27, 2011

Remember Me premiere in Showtime: Date announced

Remember Me will premiere on Showtime on April 15th at 9:00PM EST. It is a great opportunity for you to watch the film if you hadn't checked it out!

For their full viewing schedule, please click here:
Remember Me on Showtime
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First photo of Emilie's after 8 months

I still don't believe it but it is true! Emilie is back! Someone took a picture of her while she was in an airplane (i think she was in a flight back to LA! I can't describe how happy i am that i see a new photo of my favorite actress after 8 MONTHS. You can see it bellow:

The picture was uploaded on Twitter by the one who took the photo! You can see his tweet bellow:
Claire littleton ended up sitting one row in front of me, and the plane didn't fall - here she is
cesar romero (romerocesar) on Twitter

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Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Unofficial Remember Me Site Needs Your Help!

 As i told you before almost one year ago Remember me was realised in theaters and wants to celebrate it! They actually found a really cretive way to honor the movie and you can be a part of it. Read more info in the following article that was originaly posted in a couple of days ago:

 We are coming up on the one year anniversary of the release of Remember Me, and we need your help to create a special post celebrating the occasion!

We are looking for anything that shows and/or references why you love Remember Me. Fan art, a paragraph of text, an essay, a photo or a screencap, a video. Anything you can think of!

Please email me what you create to by Thursday March 10th and make sure to come back on Friday the 11th to see what everyone has created!
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Beautiful Remember Me Artwork!

 It has been almost a year since Remember Me was released, but it seems some people are still inspired by the movie. Here are some amazing pictures created by BlueAbyss17404 featuring Ally and Tyler!

 Aren't they great!? If you want to learn more about the artist and watch more of her amazing arts, you can use this
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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Emilie is the most popular person on "Box Office Mojo" today

I was checking the updates of BoxOfficeMojo when i realised that Emilie's profile in the site was the most visited one today. I didn't expect it since there aren't any news of hers but i am not complaining! I think it is a good thing that people are interested in her, even now that she is not working! I know that these aren't exactly news but it was the only thing i found! Let's hope that Emilie will be back in action soon!
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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Emilie going to Vegas!?

 It seems that Emilie travels a lot lately. Last Friday she was spotted in a bar called "The Cobra Lounge" in Bellingham, WA and today a couple of Twitter users saw her in a plane heading to Vegas! I am very happy Em has time to travel and i hope she has a great time in Vegas! If she was there for work i would be even more pleased though ;)
 You can check the tweets bellow:

  T.J. Hill

The bad news is that I just paid $11 for chicken strips. The good news? I was in line right behind Claire from LOST...who is on our flight!
albert tate

Claire from lost is on my bad I never watched an episode :(
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Sunday, February 20, 2011

Emilie spotted on "The Cobre Lounge" in Bellingham, WA

Last Friday, the owner of Cobra Lounge announced in his Twitter account that Emilie was at his bar! Here are the tweets:
Claire from lost is at the lounge right meow! Hand to God. Picture to come. Hopefully.

Claire from Lost was just at The Cobra Lounge!!!

I communicated with them in order to ask if they photographed her and if they knew why she was in the city. Unfortunately, they didn't take a photo of hers and they didn't know why she was there either... Let's hope that she is a part of a project that is filmed there!

UPDATE: I am really sorry but i was wrong about the location of the bar. The Cobra Lounge that Emilie visited is in Bellingham, WA, not in Seattle! Apparently, it's owner has bars in different areas (including Seattle). That's why i was confused (i am not from the U.S so i wasn't familiar with it). I would really like to thank a reader of the blog that mentioned that and commented in the post! Thnx anonymous friend ;)

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New Operation:Endgame Review

A couple of days ago, i found this new review about Operation: Endgame! It was posted on The writer of the article mentions Emilie and the other girls of the movie (Maggie Q and Odette Yustman) so i decided to post it here! You can check it out bellow:

Stars: Adam Scott, Beth Grant, Brandon T. Jackson, Ellen Barkin, Emilie de Ravin, Jeffery Tambor, Joe Anderson, Maggie Q, Odette Yustman, Rob Corddry, Ving Rhames, Zack Galifianakis | Written by Sam Levinson, from a screenplay by Brian Watanabe | Directed by Fouad Mikati
Hidden miles beneath Los Angeles lies the Factory, the headquarters of an elite team of assassins on the government payroll headed by a man only known as the Devil (Tambor). Split into two teams – Alpha and Omega – each team is evenly matched with each member having his or her counterpart. Taking their names from the tarot cards, the Fool (Anderson) becomes the latest recruit to the Factory.
However on his first day at ‘work’, the Fool finds himself thrown into the middle of  “Endgame” – a special lockdown and self destruct procedure – when the Devil is assassinated by an unknown assailant. With only an hour before the Factory blows up, the Fool must find a way to escape both the impending explosion and his fellow assassins, all of whom have their orders – terminate each other on sight!
Operation: Endgame is yet another one of those “out-of-left-field” movie that appears out of nowhere as if by magic and totally takes you by surprise – in a good way! Filled with familiar faces, including an ageing Ellen Barkin, funny men Jeffrey Tambor, Zack Galifianakis and Rob Corddry, bad-ass Ving Rhames and the gorgeous Maggie Q (pre-Nikita), the film is an almost perfect mix of action and comedy in the style of the 80’s greats – and it doesn’t skimp on the gore either! Yes, whilst the film has a really funny script – especially when it comes to Rob Corddry’s perpetually drunk assassin Chariot who spews forth insults in an almost Shakesperian manner – it is also FULL of gory fight sequences: throat gouging via staple remover, people sliced up with a guillotine blade, a table leg to the head; just your typical, everyday office equipment used for nefarious purposes (just be careful it doesn’t give you ideas).
Of the cast Rob Corddry is the standout, even more so than the Operation: Endgame’s “hero” – the Fool – as is Ellen Barkin, who brings a sultry dominatrix edge to her performance as leader of the Alpha team of assassins, and of course there’s plenty of eye candy: Emilie de Ravin, Maggie Q and Odette Yustman, of which Q is the highlight, once again managing to balance sexiness with complete badass-ery (for want of a better word) as she does on the CW’s Nikita.
Operation: Endgame is a great movie, if you’re an action movie fan you’ll find a lot to love about the film and whilst it’s not perfect it is miles better than the majority of the DTV action movie dross that clutters up the shelves of DVD retailers across the country. A definite must-see in my opinion.

This review was writen because the movie is now available on DVD and Blu-ray in the UK!
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"The Perfect Game" in "Dallas Film Festival" this March

 About a week ago Dallas Film Festival announced it's first 12 films that will screen at this year’s fifth edition, which runs March 31-April 10. The Perfect Game is one of them! That's kind of odd because the movie was released last year, but i am not complaing. Maybe this is a good chance for Emilie to make an appearence after all these months! If you want to check the list with all the films that are gonna be presented in the festival use this link: As i told you the festival will last 11 days (from March 31-April 10) so if you want to find tickets or learn other information about it, you should ckeck the official site of the festival:
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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Remember Me to Premiere in South Korea

If you live in South Korea, you should really check out Remember Me because it is coming out in theaters on February 17th! This information was announced on :

Romance. Directed by Allen Coulter. His relationship with his father strained in the wake of a family tragedy, rebellious New Yorker Tyler (Robert Pattinson) finds love with the one girl who understands him. Tyler was not looking for love, but that is exactly what he found when he met Ally (Emilie de Ravin).

Enchanted by her beauty and inspired by her spirit, Tyler finds that his strange life suddenly makes sense when he is around her. As their relationship grows, Tyler learns to live his life with passion, and value the little things. When buried secrets threaten to tear the young couple apart, Tyler realizes that sometimes love is worth fighting for.

I don't know why it wasn't released sooner but i am really happy because more people will be able to see the movie! There is also an officila Korean site for the film! If you want to check it out click here!

I found this information on Credit also goes to!
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Showtime's trailer for "Remember Me"

 As i informed you in a previous post of mine Remember Me will premiere on Showtime this April! Today i found a small trailer about it. Aspecific date is not announced yet, but whenever i find out more i will inform you in order to check the movie on Showtime! Here is the trailer:
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Exclusive Information about the release of "The Chameleon"

 Hello everyone! As you may know, i have been trying to find information about the release of The Chameleon for a while. I've contacted with some representatives of the film but i didn't find specific information. I also found out that the movie was supposed to be released on April 8th on LLeju Production's site. Unfortunately the info was removed but when i visited the site a couple of days ago, i realised that they had added this info again. So i decided to send an email to the company to find out more!
 Keith Perkins, a representative of the company was polite enough to answer me immediately! He told that this date is not official and it will be removed soon! He also added that they want to release the movie in May but they hadn't found a specific date yet. The good thing is that they will be able to announce the release date of the film within 2 or 3 weeks! This is exactly what he told me:
"At this time, the date that is listed on our website will be changed.  We are now looking at a May Release, but a specific date has not been determined.  We will have this information within 2-3 weeks."
 I believe that this is really positive! We should just wait a couple of weeks in order to find out! Whenever the film is released you should all support it by checking it out in theaters!
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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Remember Me on Showtime this April!

  According to Remember Me will premiere on Showtime in the US in a couple of months. The official date is not announced yet but we might know more information soon! So if you haven't seen the movie this is a good chance to check it out!!!
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"Jessegirl" is back with another amazing article about Remember Me!

 In my previous post i presented to you an article about Remember Me (with a lot of information related to the movie) writen by a fan of the movie called "Jessegirl". This time, this dedicated fan wrote another article related to Ally, the character Emilie played! You can read it bellow (if you haven't seen the movie but you want you should better not read it cause it contains spoilers):

Jessegirl's fabulous companion piece to Emilie and Robert - Portraying Lovers in Remember Me takes an in depth look at the character of Ally and her relationships in the film.

This is a companion piece to: Emilie de Ravin and Robert Pattinson: Portraying Lovers in Remember Me

~by jessegirl~ January 28, 2011

No, Remember Me is not really a romantic drama. But the lovers are still at the center of it and their relationship impacts central themes. Ally and Tyler, like all good lovers, touch each other in ways deeper than just the physical, and it is that which helps heal them both.

The first time they make love is in the center of the movie. (Using the screencaps as the way to gauge time, at #4452 out of approximately #8734, Ally and Tyler become physically intimate.)

For some reason, this seems significant to me. Ally has taken refuge at Tyler’s after her father hit her. There she stands, leaning against a door frame, all sexy and soft after her nap, mussed blonde hair, a little bare shoulder and a lot of bare leg exposed.

Tyler lets her know Aiden is not there and waits for the implication to register. She nods and gives Tyler an interested but still uncertain look. He approaches her very slowly, at first with his hands still in his pockets. He waits for her reaction, stops, resumes, stops.

Then he continues his slow move towards her, as if she is a skittish animal, but also because this is a big step for him too. Steps. Tyler knows this is no toothbrush girl for him and that this sex will be meaningful. He, too, is apprehensive, so each step he takes is pondered. His advance is drawn out. I’ve never seen a slower approach. It serves to build anticipation. As their eyes lock, his walk across that tiny room is already foreplay. Once he has a bead on her, he looks down, breaking eye contact because she’s already his. She, however, hasn’t taken her eyes off him. He looks up again and they are only a foot apart, but still he waits, coming at her with quiet and riveting intensity. Even in profile one could see Tyler was part predator, part vanquished, all sexually-charged. Did a pin drop? The soft, padded steps of a big cat slowly enclosing his prey, but, oddly, anxious of what he will reveal, of what he will give.

Their relationship had changed when he showed her his tattoo and entrusted her with information about Michael. He’d exposed his wound to her. This was big, and done so well by both actors in the film. That was when they knew they had something more meaningful, when they stopped the teasing, the banter, the tests. That was when they were willing to take a bigger risk. Therefore, when Tyler takes that slow walk to her, he is agreeing to exposure. He already knows Ally demands a lot from a man and he is ready. So, acting on pheromones and faith, they make love.

The actual love-making scene is PG-13 all the way, and with not much use for modesty patches. It probably got no more final footage than the time it took Tyler to move across that room.

Their morning after sex is suffused in a gentle amber glow, filmed from above, and shows such tenderness. We now know they’ve cemented their physical union.

AllyWho is Ally Craig? Ally is the first character we see and also the very last one. Fetters has called her our guide. I think Tyler is the greater guide in the film, but, yes, Ally guides too. [I have devoted a whole piece to Tyler. See: Tyler in Remember Me: The Human Face of Tragedy] Now let’s look at Ally a bit.

Where she comes from?
One wonders how or whether Ally filled the absence of her mother for ten crucial years of childhood. There is no evidence of any other motherly figure in her life. Instead, Ally becomes a partner to her father. These two have clearly established a practical routine and their symbiotic relationship works for them. She puts a pill into his morning coffee, and whether it’s a vitamin or a prescription medication—for stress?—she does it so casually that we know it is part of the daily routine she and her father have.

Neil actually retains control when he says he’ll drive her even though she just told him someone else would, and one wonders how many other people, Ally’s friends, he has kept from her. Just how much is he isolating her from others? He wants to keep her close, not just out of a need to protect her, but also so he won’t be alone. He is standing in her way and Ally strains at the bit. The interesting question is why Neil himself has not moved on, not become attached to another woman at some point during those 10 years, someone who could relieve his loneliness and also be at least a motherly influence on his daughter? Could one imagine Neil on a date? Perhaps the same guilts Tyler and his Dad feel about Michael have imprisoned Neil, but he doesn’t mind staying there because of the comfortable set up with Ally.

The absent motherSo, Ally, relates to her Dad as a partner, not as a child. She has become this strong, independent young woman. Still, one wonders how she survived without a mother. What makes Ally such a strong person? Ally has had no substitute maternal figure in her life, but Tyler and Charles have. Although his own mother is desperately damaged by the loss of Michael and it seems that this has hampered her ability to parent, other women seem to mother Tyler in various ways. Janine does so, and even the waitress in the diner does. That seems to indicate many women might mother him on the fly, at any time.

Also, Janine looks out for Charles’ welfare constantly and is his shield, his protector against the outside world, against his own son if need be. Push to shove, Janine is in Charles’ corner.

And, of course, Ally is a nurturing figure for her father. The males have mother substitutes, but not Ally. So she becomes the nurturer.

Ally nurtures, supports, rescues. It is her love—partially—that rescues Tyler, wakes him up, brings him back to life. Tyler does need to be bailed out, even though he denies it to his father. He needs to be bailed out of incipient despair. His father knows only how to use his financial resources to get Tyler out of trouble. Ally, however, gets to the heart of the matter, partly by forcing Tyler to step outside his comfort zone and deal with her no-nonsense way.

Ally, Ally, Ally...arguably the strongest character in Remember Me, is extremely resilient. First, after her mother’s death. She picks herself up after Neil hits her, and she does not stick around because she will not be a victim. Then she slaps Tyler, and leaves, after finding out about his betrayal. She demands more from the men in her life. Only when they demonstrate that they will give more, does she return. As Coulter says, “Ally doesn’t take shit from anyone”.

And, the ultimate resilience, in the context of the story, is how she deals with Tyler’s death.

Although everyone in Remember Me–except Aiden—is wounded by grief, Ally is the most resilient. Neil is a real handful, with major grief and anger issues. Then along comes Tyler, the lost soul, caught behind the bars of his grief, guilt and anger. This is one high maintenance guy.

One could speculate that her mother’s death brought about Ally’s career plans, that she is determined to make the world a better place by focusing on criminal justice social work.

Ally is studious, has career plans, unlike Tyler. We see her speaking up in class. We see her reading at the student hall when she first meets Tyler. She is reading on her bed when she should be getting ready to go on her date. Tyler reads and works in a bookstore because he likes books, and he writes, in the journal at least. And it must be reiterated that that journal is one powerful tool for him, necessary. [I covered its importance in: Tyler’s Journal] But we know he is not focused on studies at all.

Ally is also fun-loving though. The bathtub and panda scenes show that. Furthermore, it is the first time we see Tyler really having fun. He’s actually in the moment and enjoying himself. She teases him (pretentious name).

Tyler lets Ally in. That's significant. It means, among other things, that he trusts Ally with his beloved little sister and with his broken mother. When introduced to Tyler’s family, Ally folded in.

She engaged his mother in dialogue—‘second member of the family I’ve done dishes with’—and had a conversation with Caroline aimed at winning the young girl over. Caroline accepted Ally but, did you see how she subtly looks her over first? Checking her out. Was she good enough for Tyler? Ally gives Caroline a story about her mother, about what she shared with her. Ally is skilled enough at finding a way into Caroline's world by finding an anecdote about art which not only reaches out to Caroline's world but also reaches inside to Ally's store of memories about her mother. So Ally, her Mom and Caroline are joined. Cool.

And the way Ally was handling the conflict between Tyler and his father at the Oak Room demonstrated her propensity to keep the peace. However, in that scene, the men were too focused on their long-standing antagonism to benefit from it. Ally becomes the bridge, the connection, the peacemaker between many of the other characters. She is the ally of all of them, in a way. The dove of peace.

The second sex scene, the up-against-the-wall, no holds-barred, violent and desperate grab, kept viewers transfixed. There is so much in the lovers’ lives that culminated in this concentrated passion. I won’t analyze it all. But the scene does so many things, some emotional, some symbolic. The big symbol here is the Picasso Amnesty poster. I have examined this in a previous article [Bars and Birds: Prison and Freedom in Remember Me]. In so many ways Tyler is a prisoner, behind the bars of this grief, guilt, rage, and numerous conflicts. He can’t find a way out. He is, symbolically, behind bars.

So, Tyler comes back from a discouraging argument with his father in the boardroom. He is frustrated that his efforts at breaking his father down seemed to fail, and feels rejected by the parent he needs so much. Tyler also feels impotent and unloved in a fundamental way. Ally sees him stumble around, so wounded she exerts all her nurturing power to soothe him. She sees in him a great, suffering beast she wants to caress and calm. He wants that, but he also needs to release his flood of impotent rage to prove he is a man, to exert that power sexually. This is really primal stuff. As Tyler leans his head on the wall in defeat, Ally puts a hand on his shoulder. When he turns to her, we catch a glimpse of the Picasso poster. Then the lovers embrace violently, groping at each other as if that were the only sustenance for them in the world.

What will it take to free Tyler? A number of things, because it’s complicated, but Ally is key. Her strength and love save him, wake him to new possibilities. So, when you look at the poster think of Tyler as the prisoner, staring out desperately from behind those bars. Part of Tyler’s journey is towards freedom. One of my friends and fellow blogger came to a great insight on this poster, independent of my musing. As Tyler is the prisoner, Ally is the dove of peace. She rescues him from the prison of grief which he has created for himself, from his lost confusion. Notice in this screencap she is snuggling up to Tyler, her hair dove-like, feathered softness. Not herself a damsel-in-distress, in a kind of role reversal, she rescues him.
[Thank you, “WhyistheRumalwaysgone”] And Tyler is staring like the prisoner in the poster. He is not yet free, because other forces are at work, but he holds the ‘dove’ in his arms.

And then later, Tyler must confess. Prisoner indeed. He does, and Ally leaves him.
But she does return to support the family after the bullying incident left them hovering around a hurt Caroline. Ally joins Tyler as he sits on the front stoop, smoking. He doesn’t look at her because he is so depressed and overwhelmed with all that has gone on and asking for forgiveness is, damn it, hard. Tyler only says things like: “I know you didn’t come for me”—which we know she has—and “You’re amazing.” Ally, out of camera focus, just listens, her face revealing her changing emotions.

This scene is very minimalist. These two are navigating their way through unknown terrain, stepping carefully, not making any grand gestures of either contrition or forgiveness, but are slowly, very tentatively, moving towards reconciliation. He can’t look at her, he’s so scared. She tries to make eye contact but it’s hopeless. They don’t know how little time they have left.

EndingThe shot of Ally smiling on the subway had been imagined by Fetters and Coulter before filming started. They knew how important it is. The fact that she is riding the subway, physically going somewhere, suggests that she is ‘moving on’. She is. However, her demeanour shows us that she is a changed woman because of Tyler. And the ghostly image of her mother means that her mother’s spirit is still with her, that she is still connected to her.

When Tyler leaves Ally that last morning, they are both smiling, both have spoken the crucial words, their happiness trailing in his wake as he leaves, and we are content. Let it end there. But it does not. Tyler goes on to sit at his father’s desk to complete his contentment. His smile is so tranquil. We want that for him. All is well. But it is not. And when we finally know it is not, and Ally knows it is not, it ends. But it does not. Until the same serene smile is on Ally’s face, it will not end. She needs to sit on that subway to retrieve some measure of acceptance. And we want that for her. All is not well, not without Tyler. Not ever. But it is the end. And we have seen the lovers smile. And we want that for them.Credit goes to Kat from
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Monday, February 7, 2011

New article: Emilie de Ravin and Robert Pattinson: Portraying Lovers in Remember Me has posted an amazing article focusing on Emilie's and Robert's performances, their characters and the whole film in general. It is writen by "jessegirl", who collected a huge amount of information, reviews and quotes from the actors' and director's interviews! She did a fantastic job so if you liked the film you should read it!

In her newest insightful article Jessegirl looks at Emilie's and Rob's wonderful performance in Remember Me and how Tyler and Ally work as a couple.

This piece is a companion piece to one that will follow shortly entitled "Ally and Tyler - Lovers of Remember Me".

~ by jessegirl~ January 27, 2011

It all began with Will Fetters’ script. By the time it came to Emilie de Ravin, producer, director, and actors had already been persuaded of its quality. In an interview with Tony Toscano, Emily stated that she couldn’t put the script down, which was unusual for her, and she said it flowed. So she, too, was won over. It all, always, begins with story and script.

Apparently a totally different sort of character had been imagined initially, a woman with Latin origins. The search came down to the wire with only Emilie’s character not yet cast only weeks before filming. In her video audition, Emilie demonstrated the spark and fire the filmmakers had been looking for and which was lacking in the others who tried out. Pattinson had a hand in this final cut. Finally, Tyler had his Ally.

Emilie has stated that she didn’t know anything about or of Pattinson beforehand. One can only imagine her shock when confronted with the effect of his fame.

Working Conditions:
Emilie didn’t even know she was entering the fray, but in the summer of 2009, when shooting in NYC, the Pattinson phenomenon was intense. Some ‘Robsten’ fans, who want Pattinson and Kristin Stewart to be a couple, disliked Emilie because they believed the rumours that she was dating Pattinson. These fans didn’t want her showing up at the Eclipse premiere. Of course, Kristen Stewart is maligned too, just because of her close connection to him.

It seems many fans are way too invested in Pattinson’s private life. To some he needs to be single, alone—presumably so he is available to them?—and others somehow care which woman he dates. Also, it is assumed he should not even make films which require him to make love with women. This is insanity.

Perhaps fans have always felt so emotionally involved in their idols but, with twitter, facebook, fan blogs and websites, message boards, etc., now available to them, many fans make their voices heard, no matter how irrational, rude, crude, malicious, or hate-filled. Suffice it to say that the 21st century is proving to be a mine-infested field for stars as big as Pattinson. And god help their hapless co-stars or significant others. With actors like Pattinson, Stewart and de Ravin, who guard their privacy, who wish to pursue their craft but have no desire to be celebrities, this has become a difficult situation.
Look what happened to Pattinson on the first day of shooting Remember Me.

Thereafter there was a virtual phalanx surrounding him while walking to and from set. Emilie would walk some distance behind, with one aide, undisturbed. It seemed like a humorous little parade. I only know this because I’ve seen the pap footage, which is ironic. Ah, the summer of ’09.

Coulter, de Ravin, and Jerins all reported on the difficulty of shooting with both fans and paparazzi so close by, often just out of camera range. During the beach scene, one resourceful and determined pap came out of the water to get the money shot, Emilie and Robert laughing together. One wonders how many cinematic adjustments and re-shoots had to be made to keep the intruders out of the scenes. And, indeed, the actors had to be extremely focused, especially anyone filming with Pattinson, including the young Ruby Jerins. So although Pattinson bore the brunt of this, having these forces present was difficult for everyone involved in filming, from actors to crew. It speaks to their professionalism and talent that they were able to produce such good performances in this situation. [For more on Pattinson’s involvement in Remember Me, see: Cast Spotlight - Robert Pattinson in Remember Me Part 1

Performances:One of the hallmarks of Remember Me is the believability of the performances, pretty much all of them. First of all, although the main cast came from all over the world, in general, their American accents passed muster. Pattinson and de Ravin both were convincing. Although I’m no expert on the finer points of specific accents, like Queens, de Ravin shed her very distinct, broad, native Australian for an American voice. To the untrained ear she sounded right. Indeed, some of those working on the film were astonished when she was out of character and used her native accent. They hadn’t known she was Australian.

When we watch the development of Ally and Tyler’s relationship, it seems so organic, and the actors both delivered the right pitch. Their performances resonated and drew the audience in because Emilie and Robert brought Ally and Tyler to life with seemingly effortless ease. Emilie mentioned a number of times the ‘organic’, ‘natural’ feel of the script, which, no doubt, aided them in finding their voices—as Pattinson said—and developing their characters.
The relationship between Tyler and Ally feels genuine rather than contrived. [David Edwards The Daily]

Viewers are drawn into the film’s various story-lines because the script and actors made it all seem so real. There was no trace of Claire from Lost or Edward from Twilight. It was only Ally and Tyler. I have written at length about Pattinson’s portrayal of Tyler. [See: Robert Pattinson in Remember Me Part 2 - Living Tyler ] Let’s concentrate on Emilie’s work a little bit now, and with how the two actors’ interact.

When Tyler approaches Ally in the student union with his line about a sociological survey, she is not at all taken in. She puts him off first thing—“You’re already bothering me.”—and, at first, teases him by calling herself Anonymous. Emilie’s facial expressions convey Ally’s scepticism and suspicion. As Tyler elaborates—he has to because she doesn’t give him an in—with talk of foam fingers and demographics, she sizes him up and tests him (“Who else are you going to ask?”). She outright lies about her age, to put him off. Finally, she lets him in .

In an interview with ClevverTV, Emilie said Ally is guarded because of her past, and, that it’s hard to let people in. That’s interesting because Tyler has been the guarded one all along. He’ll allow a host of women to entertain him—like toothbrush girl, the Miami girls, etc.—but only in a mild and apathetic way. Letting Ally in is big.

Emilie and Robert’s timing and the way they played off each other in this scene, and others, is dead on target. The pacing was generous, which lent credibility and allowed the actors to ease into the scenes, just as real relationships usually take time to evolve.

Some would call it slow pacing, meaning boring, but because nothing was hurried, it felt like Ally and Tyler were really getting to know each other. In this way, viewers could absorb the process of two people falling in love, not just the highlights. Most films gloss over everything. In them, it takes so little for characters to fall in love: the ingredients are sexual attraction, a few games and titillating smart-ass dialogue, altercations for sass and vinegar, some sexually-laden moments, and viola – Love! And because it happens so fast, it is so predictable.

Some of these same elements are in Remember Me but are not handled stereotypically. The pacing helped Emilie and Robert to breathe life into their interactions in the most ordinary way. Hard to put my finger on it, but Ally and Tyler seemed to be really attentive to each other and these characters seemed both ordinary and original. The performances Emilie and Robert gave were so very believable.

In one critic’s opinion: The couple’s relationship ebbs and flows, and mostly in realistic rhythms. The duo has strong screen chemistry, powerful enough to shoulder past the inevitable final reel fracture. [Christian Toto.What Would Toto]

On their first date, at the Indian restaurant, Ally continues to challenge Tyler. I examined Robert’s performance in my piece on him. Emilie’s expressions and line delivery are also fascinating. Here Emilie’s Ally dares him to object to her dessert order.

After a perplexed Tyler gives the waiter his order and looks back at her, she still has that look of challenge as she states that she eats her dessert first. Emilie has this young pixie face which she uses to great effect here, very child-like, yet almost pugnacious too.

And Robert gives a gamut of facial expression in response to her asteroid speech, which is priceless. Emilie’s line delivery and expressions capture the quirky provocation, the test Ally puts Tyler through. Tyler finally capitulates to her oddity when Ally says, I’ll share. She has completely thrown him again, which is precisely what Tyler, the lost soul, needs. The actors’ repartée, their physical responses to each other in this scene, were a well played delight, -like a dessert first. (I dare anyone to find James Dean anywhere near Robert’s performance here.)

When Ally is just about to leave in the taxi, she rebuffs Tyler’s attempt to kiss her. Emilie worked with pouty lips as she watched his reaction, and Robert’s eyes were down, dejected. She pursed her lips even more as Robert finishes the line about the panda having more of a chance with her than he does. Tyler, by now, is one confused boy. Then he watches the taxi leave. Robert had his hand to his mouth, the other loosely crooked on his hip, perplexed, trying to figure out what happened.

I could analyze Emilie and Robert’s portrayals scene by scene, but you get the gist.
Jumping to Tyler’s confession, we have what some might consider some morose James Dean moments. But Robert’s performance never reaches the level of hyperbole Dean’s often did; it is more nuanced. As Stephen Whitty remarked: James Dean certainly did okay with it—dangerous bad boy—but Pattinson smartly tweaks his own persona... [NJ Star]

Here again, Robert uses his body and its language shows us a hesitant—terrified—and ashamed young man who shrinks his lanky frame by leaning defeated against the wall and who keeps looking down or away from Ally, afraid to face her, to confront the look he’ll put on her face.

Now Ally is confused, as Tyler spills the beans little by little, prodded by her questions. Now Emilie’s face goes through various bewildered expressions. When the truth hits Ally, Emilie’s nauseous reaction was visceral. Well done. By this point the audience is so invested in these lovers that their pain saddens. By then, Ally and Tyler, as Emilie and Robert have given them to us, are ours.

The last moment in the film, played out to Zarvos’ heartbreaking and uplifting final track, is Emilie’s. While she rides on the subway, having found new courage, Ally smiles. This mirrors Tyler’s tranquil smile when he watched his family photos scroll by on his Dad’s computer.

The first time I saw Remember Me, that smile annoyed me. Why? Because it was too soon. Only two minutes after the shock. How could Ally smile so soon? Of course, it was implied that for Ally some time had passed. And she was ready. Ally’s smile is luminous.
Only an image offering that precise sustenance could have the visual heft, the potency, to help viewers cope with the emblematic stunning image that has been burnt into the brain--- Tyler at that window.

Emilie, helped by a face already angelic and lovely, delivered this final shot beautifully.
It was perfection.

Appendix: Some Critics’ Takes-
Here I will deal only with critics’ comment speaking to de Ravin and Pattinson’s acting, and I will leave out negative reaction (which can be found on rotten if anyone is interested). There have been many positive reviews. In point of fact, many of the negative reviews had more to do with Remember Me’s ending than with the acting.
So, regarding Emilie and Robert’s performances:

The Couple:

-“There is little doubt that Pattinson’s magnetic work as the protagonist plays a significant role in cementing Remember Me’s mild success, with the palpable chemistry between his and de Ravin’s respective characters ensuring that the film is at its best when focused on their charming, easy-going banter.” [David Nusair. Reel]

-“...playing opposite Emilie de Ravin...and the two have great chemistry.” [Rebecca Murphy Movies March 12, 2010]

-“Their courtship is a sensitive, well-acted progression through stages of mutual trust and Tyler’s gradual rediscovery of his own real feelings...” [Roger Ebert.Chicago Sun March 10, 2010]

-“where most films about young love somehow manage to feel neither romantic nor sexy, Pattinson and de Ravin are so genuine that I felt in love with them as a couple. They’re sweetly adorable, never annoying or cloying. [Mary Ann Johanson March 210, 2010]

-“...Robert Pattinson and Emilie de Ravin present a connection that gradually betters through the course of the movie – parallel to the progression of the relationship.” [Amanda Bell The Philadelphia
March 10, 2010]

-“The scenes between Pattinson and de Ravin exude genuine charm. One wants these two to get together. They are likeable without being saccharine.” [Kirk Honeycutt. The Hollywood]

-“The romance at the center of the film, performed brilliantly and credibly by Pattinson and Lost star de Ravin, is one of the rawest, realest, and most unforced couplings in recent years. It works brilliantly.” [What's]

-“...the film features solid performances from Pattinson and co-star Emilie de Ravin..” [Bryan Reesman. Controversial Remember Me Ending Dividing Critics and Audiences.Attention Deficit March 15, 2010]

-“Robert Pattinson hands in an accomplished performance here full of substance and worth. ..he manages to handle the complexities of Tyler Hawkins perfectly...He is supported beautifully by Emilie de Ravin who manages to make Ally Craig more than just a love interest....reminds us all that she is a capable actress with an ability to raise her game when called upon. The two share an organic chemistry that easily convinces us that Tyler and Ally are a believable couple.” [Jason March 31, 2010]

Emilie de Ravin:

-“...the big reveal is de Ravin, a young talent with a tomboy charm and great inner strength.” [Amy Nicolson Inland Empire]

-“ Ravin has intensity, emotion, hurt and happiness that comes through on the screen perfectly.” [Willie Waffle Waffle]

-“Emilie de Ravin is perfect as the potential love interest for Pattinson. She mixes a softness with a scorched world-weariness to create a compelling woman.” [Laremy Legel March 11, 2010]

-“Emilie de sympathetic and low-key as Ally, but also unassumingly captivating.” [Dustin Putman Dustin March 9, 2010]

-“De Ravin is luminous and offers a character who is independent, smart, and assuredly individual...” [Tricia Olszewski Washington City March 12, 2010]

-“This is as much Ravin’s film as it is Pattinson and she shines just as brightly.’ [Nick Staniforth
July 30, 2010]

-“And de Ravin...delivers a refreshingly honest performance as a young woman dealing with love and loss.” [Rebecca Murphy Movies March 12, 2010]

And Robert Pattinson:

-“Robert Pattinson delivers one of the richest and most weighty performances of any actor this year.” And “Quite simply, Pattinson was an eye-opener in this film.” [ Dec. 2010]

-“Bottom Line: A strong romantic drama in which Robert Pattinson and Emilie de Ravin really shine.” [Kirk Honeycutt. The Hollywood]

-“Pattinson’s turn as the forlorn, love-struck and appreciably human Tyler in Remember Me is the role that’ll turn the young actor from a movie star into an actor.” [What's]

-“He [Pattinson] is able to deliver the calm as well as the storm when necessary in this movie, and he captures the intensity of his character’s wildly emotional and physical responses to his circumstances.” [Amanda Bell The Philadelphia March 10, 2010]

-“Robert Pattinson is in amazing form here...He is an adaptable and very capable talent that really gets to grips with his characters’ story and along with an amazing ensemble has created one of this year’s finest films.” []

-“Pattinson....can, in fact, act and can carry a film that has nothing to do with vampires...his performance in Remember Me makes you wonder where this guy’s been hiding...” [Rebecca Murphy Movies March 12, 2010]

-“With any luck, the actor’s naysayers will be silenced after they take a gander at his convincing, even magnetic work in ‘Remember Me’” And “As for Robert Pattinson, he is in full command of his leading role and never falters.” [Dustin Putnam Dustin March 9, 2010]

-“There are no less than four tremendous performances in the film. Robert Pattinson is excellent as the brooding and wounded Tyler Hawkins.” [Laremy Legel]

-“Here he gives depth and feeling to a stale character type, the brooding loner desperate for a personal connection.” [Christian Toto What Would Toto]

-“But R-Patz shows he can act, standing toe to toe with the fine Chris Cooper...” [Grant Rollings The]

As i told before, credit for the article goes to "jessegirl" and
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