Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!!!!!!

 It is still 2010 here so i still have the chance to write the last post of the year! I hope you all have a great time with your families! I wish 2011 is a better year for all of us! Let's also hope that Emilie is having a great time as well!!
 I would also like to thank all the people that supported the blog and our favorite actress Emilie! I hope you keep visiting Dedicated to Emilie in 2011! See you!!!!!!!1 ;)
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First Updates: Twitter account is made + more

As i promised you i started improving the blog. I will not have a lot of free time next week so i did a couple of things know! First of all, i made a twitter account for the blog. I will tweet everything i post here, so i will easier for you to learn about Dedicated to Emilie updates! I also added a new gadget in the right side of the site. By checking it out, you will be able to learn which are the most popular posts of the blog the period you visit it!
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Future plans for Dedicated to Emilie

 As i told you in my previous post, there are numerous things i would like to do with the blog. I have a lot of ideas to make it better and more handy for everyone! I just added a playlist in the site and this is only the beggining!
 Here are some of my goals:
  1. The creation of a Twitter account for the blog, so that you can learn about my updates easier.
  2. The creation of a Facebook account for the same reason.
  3. The creation of a YouTube Channel. I thought it would be great to create videos about Emilie and her projects on a weekly basis.
  4. Changes in the layout.
  5. More frequent updates of the "gallery" and the "videos section" . I am sorry for not updating but unfortunately, school keeps me really busy.
  6. Adding gadgets, labels and other stuff.
  7. Writing articles-tributes about Emilie's projects, career, life and more. 
 These are just some of the things i would like to do! The downside is that they will not be inplemented immediately. As i told you i do not have a lot of free time because of my school. I am in the last grade of high school and i have to prepare myself for the final exams. Because of this, some of my plans (such as the YouTube channel) will be implemented in Summer. I know it is a long time but i promise you that during this period i will try to improve things that do not require a lot of time! I will also update the blog whenever i learn something new about Emilie!

I would like to hear your opinion about my plans for the blog. If you like to propose something else, feel free to do this!
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Blog Updates: Music Playlist added

There are a lot of things that i would like to do for the blog! I have a lot of ideas but unfortunately not enough time. I will present them to you in my next post but for now, i would like to let you know that i added a playlist with 10 songs i like. I thought that it you would great for you to listen to music while checking old articles, photo and generally my previous posts! I might add more songs in the future or add other playlists! Enjoy! :)
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Emilie is the 58th most popular actor on Box Office Mojo for 2010

2010 might be almost over, but due to Emilie's projects, a lot of people checked her BoxOfficeMojo profile though the year! The site is becoming more and more popular and it is one of the most reliable sites for box office information. Back in Spring, when "Remember Me" was released BoxOfficeMojo users paid a lot of attention to Emilie. I remember checking the site and founding out that Em was one of the five most popular actors on a daily basis. This continued happening of a while because of the release of "The Perfect Game". Unfortunately, Emilie has been MIA since June but the exposure due to "Remember Me" and "The Perfect Game" was enough to make her be the 58th most popular person on the site. This is not bad at all, since there are thousands of profiles for actors, director and producers on BocOfficeMojo! Let's hope that next year, Emilie will give us and people that are not fans of hers a lot of reasons to pay attention to her!!!!!!
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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Remember Me Eligible for Writer's Guild of America Award

This article was posted on

Remember Me is one of the 43 films that are eligible for the 2010 Writer's Guild of America Award for Original Screenplay.
Ballots must be cast by Monday and the list of the final five nominations will be announced on Tuesday.In order to be eligible, a screenplay must have been written by a WGA memebr and must be submitted to the WGA for consideration.
We here would love for Will to get the credit that he deserves for writing this wonderful script!
To read the entire article and to view the list of all films, please click here:
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BitTorrent Zeitgeist 2010:the 100 most entered search phrases: Remember Me and Lost are 2 of them

Every year Google and other search engines produce a year’s end list of the most searched for phrases and keywords. has posted a list of the 100 most entered search phrases on KickassTorrents, whose results are representative for the results of ither sites! Lost is in 49th place and Remember Me in 74th! You can see the whole list here:
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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New video with behind-the-scenes footage from Lost

Hello everyone! Today i found a new video featuring scenes from the production of episode "What Kate Does". You can see Emilie, Evangeline and the crew filming some scenes of the episode and much more. There are a lot other videos with behing-the-scene footage but i have already posted them. So if you want to watch them, you can check my previous posts about Lost!!

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Monday, December 27, 2010

Happy Birthday Emilie!!!!

Today is December 27th and our favorite actress turns 29 (even though she looks much younger). I hope she is having a great time with her family and friends!! I wish her the best and hope she is healthy, happy, beautiful and successful with her job!!! We will always be here to support you and your job Emilie!!!!!

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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!!!

Hello guys! Merry Christmas!!! I hope you all are having a great time with the people you love. I wish the same thing for Emilie and i hope we have news from her soon!!!!!!!!!!!

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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Brand new trailer for The Chameleon

After presenting you the box office information about The Chameleon, here is a new trailer for the movie. It looks great and it has a lot of new scenes not included in the previous ones. I found it in the official site of Lightning Entertainment, the company that owns the rights of the film in the U.S. Unfortunately, i couldn't post it here but here is a link from the site where you can watch it.

For more information about the company and it's movies you can visit the rest of the site
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Information about Box Office results of "The Chameleon" in France

Hello everyone! How are you? Sorry for the lack of updates "but Emilie has been missing for a while now". I suppose that she is in Australia with her family right now and i hope she is having an awesome time! Her birthday is really close so i wish Em the best. I would like to post more "Waiting for Emilie" articles but school keeps me occupied. I have a lot of ideas for the blog so you might learn them during holiday season!

Anyway, today, due to the lack of news i decided to search for information about "The Chameleon". As you may know an american distribution company has acquired international sales rights to the film but it is not realised in the US yet. Only citizens of France had the chance to watch it in theaters. Here is the information i found:

The Chameleon was realised back in June 23 only in 84 theaters. A lot of successful american  movies were in the theaters that week, such as Robin Hood, The A-Team, Killers and more, so it had tough competition. The film debuted in 13th place. It managed to gather $141,816  in a period of 5 days (June 23–27, 2010). The number is really good if you take in to account that it wasn't a wide realise. Unfortunately, BoxOfficeMojo doesn't have any other information so i don't know if it was shown in more theaters for a longer period of time. According to The Chameleon is realised in DVD so if you live in France and haven't seen the movie, you have another chance to do it! Let's hope that it will be released in the US. Bellow you can see some list from BoxOfficeMojo with more Box Office statistics:

MovieStudioWeekend Gross
TheatersChange / Avg.Gross-to-DateWeek
The A-Team Fox $1,600,501
621 - $2,577 $5,334,235 2
Killers Metropolitan $1,593,387
337 - $4,728 $1,593,387 1
Fatal UPI $1,395,079
470 - $2,968 $4,390,484 2
Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Disney $722,941
581 -31 $1,244 $14,724,029 5
La tête en friche Studio Canal $612,738
566 - $1,083 $7,377,503 4
Cop Out Warner Bros. $602,380
278 - $2,167 $602,380 1
Sex and the City 2 Warner Bros. $575,433
548 -11 $1,050 $9,438,290 4
Les meilleurs amis du monde n/a $437,393
423 +13 $1,034 $3,315,426 3
Dog Pound n/a $430,041
95 - $4,527 $430,041 1
The Illusionist (2010) n/a $320,402
129 +45 $2,484 $1,019,655 2
Babies Studio Canal $318,471
151 +2 $2,109 $1,060,067 2
Robin Hood UPI $176,337
294 -52 $600 $18,209,877 7
The Chameleon n/a $141,816
84 - $1,688 $141,816 1
The Back-Up Plan Sony $49,589
157 -8 $316 $4,142,480 6
She's Out of My League PPI $19,801
10 - $1,980 $19,801 1
Dioses n/a $9,555
8 - $1,194 $9,555 1

(click to view weekend breakdown)
% of
Total Gross / As Of
OVERSEAS TOTAL N/A n/a - $141,816 6/27/10
WORLDWIDE TOTAL N/A n/a - $141,816 6/27/10
France 6/23/10 $141,816 100% $141,816 6/27/10

Credit goes to BoxOfficeMojo!
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Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Alt Film Guide recently posted an article with information about Remember Me's DVD sales. I have to say it has done a great job! For more details read the article below:

The Robert Pattinson vehicle Remember Me, which divided critics upon its early March release, has reportedly grossed $11.03m on DVD in the United States, with more than 600k units sold. The source for these figures is a site called The Numbers, which focuses on home video revenues.
If the Numbers' figures are correct — the site itself offers little information on its sources — Remember Me DVD sales to date are equivalent to nearly 60% of the film's North American box-office take.
Worldwide, Remember Me grossed nearly $56m. Summit Entertainment spent about $16m producing it, though foreign distribution deals likely covered much — if not all — of that amount.
Also in the Remember Me cast: Emilie de Ravin, Pierce Brosnan, Chris Cooper and Lena Olin. Allen Coulter directed from a screenplay by Will Fetters.

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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

New Article: Top 8 Sexiest Celebrity Accents

Today a list with the sexiest celebrity accents was posted on and Emilie is included in it! You can see it below:

What is it about British, Italian, Australian, even Scottish accents that get us all hot and bothered? There's just something about a foreign accent that adds a little intrigue and mystery and makes us swoon. These 10 smoking hot celebrities are sexy enough on their own -- their accent, however, puts them over the top.

Robert Pattinson trades his real-life British accent for an American one in Twilight -- which do you prefer?
robert pattinson

Christian Bale's Welsh accent is only part of his charm.
christian bale

Will the child of Penelope Cruz and Javier Bardem grow up to have a Spanish accent, too? Well, that all depends ...
penelope cruz and javier bardem

Emile de Ravin's Australian accent is almost as lovely as she is.
emile de ravin

Though Ewan McGregor switches accents for many of his roles, his native tongue is Scottish.
ewan mcgregor

No one does a sexy Irish accent quite like Bono.

French First Lady Carla Bruni not only sings in French, she speaks with a sexy French accent -- oh la la.
carla bruni

Which celebrity do you think has the sexiest accent?


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Friday, December 3, 2010

"Waiting for Emilie to return" Part 11

Recently, while googling, i found a site dedicated to Emilie that had piled up a lot of interesting quotes of Emilie. (The site is called So i decided to post them here!!!! Enjoy:

Emilie De Ravin Quotes

I didn't go to normal high school, I went to full-time ballet school, so I led very regimented, disciplined years. The classes we took, like nutrition, anatomy, dance styles, choreography, music, all these wonderful things. I’ve taken away with me. At the time my passion was ballet, so I didn’t have that normal high school experience, which I’m sure I probably wouldn’t have enjoyed anyway. - (Emilie on what she was like as a teen).
- Emilie de Ravin

I like being scared. I like watching horror movies with my fiancé as opposed to being on my own. My favourite horror film as a child was Halloween. I remember that movie so clearly because, as a kid, horror movies attend to affect you more. They’re scarier. - (Emilie's thoughts on horror movies)
- Emilie de Ravin

I love well-done horror films.
- Emilie de Ravin

I miss my family a lot, and having the distraction of going to work every day stops me from feeling too homesick. - (Emilie on why she does so many projects at once and missing her family back home in Australia)
- Emilie de Ravin

I want to pursue as much of a serious acting career as I can, not just a flimsy overnight career. I take it very seriously and I really want to pursue it for the rest of my life.
- Emilie de Ravin

I was looking for something that, was different and that would challenge me in a different way, that was fun and people I was interested in working with. I wanted to travel a bit which i did, just had some time off, and then I decided to do this. There are a lot of horror movies around right now, but this to me was very different because it dealt with a lot of other subject matter as well which really interested me and from the from the first conversation I had with Alex and Gregory, the main thing for them was wanting to focus on character development and, just the acting in general in this film, so they didn’t want it to be just some slasher film where you didn’t care about the characters. - (About "The Hills Have Eyes")
- Emilie de Ravin

I‘ve always been a good flier, thank God! If I was bad to start with I‘m sure I‘d be worse now, because I fly so much. The only time I really thought about that was when I was flying out to shoot the pilot of the show. I thought, 'God I‘m flying out to shoot a pilot about a plane crash that was flying over water.' I thought about taking a cruise ship back! - (Emilie's thoughts on flying)
- Emilie de Ravin

I’m really close with my family and they’re in Australia, so I miss them a lot. It’ll always be home. I grew up in Melbourne, a very cosmopolitan city, very easy to live in. But LA’s great too. There are pluses and minus to moving to LA.
- Emilie de Ravin

I’m very close with my family. They’re very supportive of what I do and I’m very lucky to have that. I’m very close with my mum. She’s supportive. She, trusts me. She knows that I’m not going to make stupid decisions about things and I guess you have to have quite a mature attitude towards life, moving when you’re sort of 18 to another country and I’m sure she was concerned but she, she trusts me. She knows that I’m smart about things.
- Emilie de Ravin 

I'm a big homebody. I just like hanging out, doing things at home. I like gardening.
- Emilie de Ravin

It looked very real. It's made of latex and foam and it's skin colored with a little belly button and everything. It was very hot wearing it, and I am definitely glad I won't be wearing it in the second series. - (Emilie on her prosthetic pregnant belly she had to wear on the first season of 'Lost.')
- Emilie de Ravin

It was very romantic. Josh had planned it all - he'd even bought the ring... I am very excited, but I think the wedding will have to be impromptu because it is almost impossible to get all our families together in one place. - (About Josh Janowicz's proposal to her)
- Emilie de Ravin

It's actually fun to not know anyone and go out and find friends, or let them find you.
- Emilie de Ravin

I've always loved Audrey Hepburn_. She's such an icon and amazing lady. She's so beautiful. Who wouldn't want to be in Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961)?- (On Audrey Hepburn)
- Emilie de Ravin

My character is wielding a pickaxe and stabbing people in the face so she’s not really a damsel at all, which I guess is another thing that drew me to the character. She’s a very strong female character and goes through a huge change through the film. I mean she’s a young woman, still sort of figuring out who she is and then she practically grows up in three days, for what she has to deal with. - (About her character in "The Hills Have Eyes")
- Emilie de Ravin

That anyone who does a film would die? That would be funny, wouldn’t it? Well not really, but in hindsight that would be funny. All the Lost cast have films coming out, so maybe we’ll all die. - (Emilie's reply when asked if she is worried after former Lost co-star, Maggie Grace, was killed off after making a movie)
- Emilie de Ravin

That’s why she’s having another one - because we need to keep replacing them! We’ve actually impregnated her with quadruples. No, it’s not true, I have never touched her child, but that rumour is hilarious! She’d probably want a lot more money that we pay for the babies we use. - (When questioned jokingly regarding the rumour that her baby on Lost is played by Britney Spears’ child)
- Emilie de Ravin

The concept of the show, there's nothing else like it on the air. - (About Lost)
- Emilie de Ravin

The pros are it’s probably one of the most gorgeous places I’ve ever seen and the people are so nice. It’s a very relaxed, nice atmosphere there. We’re so lucky to be able to shoot there. As for the con I personally decide to travel back and forth – I don’t live there and so I split my time, when I’m working I’m there and when I’m not I’m in L.A. So, the flight gets a little tedious after a while, but then again I make sure I utilize that time to either read or sleep with no cell phone. So, it’s kind of nice in a weird way. The airports are the thing I hate. I hate going to the airports – especially LAX. - (About the pros and cons of filming in Hawaii)
- Emilie de Ravin

We're not big wedding people so we'll see what we do. - (About her and her fiance)
- Emilie de Ravin

Yeah. We chat about it and have bets on everything like that. It hasn’t happened to me yet, but, you, know, we’ll see! It’s sad losing people you like to work with, but it’s that kind of show. - (When asked if she feels tense knowing her Lost character could be killed off at any moment)
- Emilie de Ravin
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New Article: 11 Movie Stars Who Started as Ballet Dancers

  Hello everyone!!!!!! How are you?????? I am really sorry for not updating the blog for such a long time but my pc had a problem and i couldn't use it. I was hoping that by the time "i am back" there would be news about Emilie but unfortunately nothing is anounced about a new project... The only thing i know is that Emilie was in New York last week. A twitter user spotted her eating a salad (i suppose he is working in a restaurant or sth) :) :) :)

  Anyway, today posted an article reffering to movie stars that began their careers as ballet dancers and Emilie is one of them! Here is what the wrote about her:

Emilie de Ravin

The lovely de Ravin gained the spotlight as the perpetually terrified teenage mother Claire on “Lost,” but she was once consumed with battements and changements as a student in the Australian Ballet School. The ABS is an incredibly selective and difficult school, so it’s obvious de Ravin possessed a lot of talent and determination to get in. But after taking a week long acting course, the “Remember Me” star dropped out of dance, and never looked back. She admitted to Collider that she “missed it” but was much happier as an actress. Maybe it all had something to do with those “Lost” numbers, and baby Aaron, and ….

If you want to read the whole article use this link: Article
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