Sunday, October 31, 2010

"Waiting for Emilie to return" Part 5

Hello guys! It is such a pity that we still have no news about Emilie but we will not stop waiting for her to return "in action". I hope she has beeing working on secret projects or indie films whose existance is not announced yet. I really miss her, so i would love to see her in sth new soon! Anyway, today i decided to start "collecting" interviews of Emilie's from YouTube and present them to you. Here is the first part:

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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Claire Action Figure (available on

 is offering to Lost fans action figures of their favorite characters from the show. Claire is one of them (check out the photo above)! Here are more information about them:   

Lost Miles and Claire 8-Inch Action Figures

If you've been searching for action figures from Lost, search no more. They're right here! Each fan-favorite character stands 8-inches tall in a retro action figure style. With fabric clothing and multiple points of articulation, these figures are incredibly authentic and lifelike. You'll want to discover them all! This remarkable set brings you retro versions of Miles Straume and Claire Littleton.
This Series 6 set includes 2 individually packaged action figures (subject to change):
1x Miles (Freighter Folk)
1x Claire (The Caves)

You'll want to discover them all!

Thanks to DarkUfo for the heads up! 
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Friday, October 29, 2010

"Waiting for Emilie to return" Part 4

Amazing Fan Made videos about Emilie:
In this post you will be able to enjoy a lot of great videos, made by fans of Emilie. They include photos of hers, parts of interviews and much more.

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

"Waiting for Emilie to return" Part 3


Today i decided to tell you which projects "i would die" to see Emilie in and hear your suggestions!

To begin with, it would be a dream coming true if Emilie was casted in The Dark Knight sequel (it was just announced that it will be called "The Dark Knight Rises"!). Christopher Nolan is an amazing director and his movies are masterpieces. And "The Dark Knight" wasn't an exception. Furthermore, the actors involved in the movie are all amazing as well so that would be an big opportunity for Emilie to prove what she can do!

Moreover, i would also love to see Emilie being a part of "The Hobbit" movies! The Lord of the Rings series is a franchise that changed the history of movies industry! So Emilie beeing casted in this movies would be more than awesome!

"The Hobbit" movies, will begin production this January (or February) and "The Dark Knights Rises" filming proccess will start in April! Here are some articles about these projects:

I would also like to see Emilie in Rian Johnson's (he is the director of "Brick") movie called "Looper" but the main actors are already casted so if Emilie was a part of the cast we would probably know it.
So these are my suggestios? What do you think? Is there any other movie, you would like to see Emilie in? Feel free to discuss about this subject in the comments section below!!
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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

"Waiting for Emilie to return" Part 2

Hello everyone. Today i decided to make a post about the making of Remember Me! I' ve collected numerous videos from YouTube showing the filming proccess on the set of the film! You will also see more things about the movie in the post! Remember Me was a great chance for Emilie to show her acting abilities by playing something different from the type of characters she had potrayed in the past! Furthermore, she had the chance to work with some amazing actors and Allen Coulter, who hasn't done a lot of  movies so far (ha has done a lot of things on television though) but i really loved what he did in Remember Me. Remember Me was also the first movie (which was shown in theaters) in which Emilie was the leading star of the movie along with Robert Pattinson of course. She became more well known after doing the film and i am sure that she will have a lot of offers for leading roles in the future!! But anyway, i said to much. Let's remember why we loved Emilie in Remember Me!





So what do you think about Remember Me? Did you like it? Do you think Emilie did a good job in the film? Leave you comments bellow!!!
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Monday, October 25, 2010

"Waiting for Emilie to return" Part 1

Hello everyone! Unfortunately, as you all have noticed we have no Emilie's news yet. As it turned out, Em is not a part of "Four Saints" anymore. It seems that she was in talks with the producers of the movie or was casted but then was replaced by another actress. We haven't official information about what happened but it is such a pity that Emilie will not be in this movie because it sounds great and the role she was supposed to play is really challenging! Anyway, i know that all Em's fans are kind of sad this period because of Emilie's "disappearence" and her replacement in Legend of the Guardians and Four Saints so i decided to do sth to help you be patient until Emilie's next project is announced! I will try to post old articles, videos, photos etc on a daily basis in order to remember why we love Emilie and to make it easier "wait for her to return in action". I decided to start by posting a really nice article i just found. The writer of the text says a lot of great things about Emilie's projects and her performances on them! Enjoy:

Spotlight On: Emilie de Ravin

In her teenage years, Emilie de Ravin quickly made a name for herself in the Australian television series Beast Master, playing the Demon Curupira. But the lure of American television convinced her to fly to Los Angeles and audition for a little known sci-fi series called Roswell. With her golden locks and cherubic features, she immediately landed the part of Tess Harding in Roswell. Her presence on the series set off a fire-storm amongst the fans and, overnight, Emilie went from unknown Australian actress to one of the most visible young actresses in Hollywood.
Emilie de Ravin as Tess Harding on Roswell
Emilie as Tess on Roswell
When her storyline on Roswell concluded, Emilie was next cast in the highly anticipated remake of the horror classic Carrie, re-written by Dead Like Me writer Bryan Fuller. In Carrie, Emilie embraced her bad girl side and played the ultimate mean girl that reigned terror on Carrie. Finally unleashed, Emilie’s performance showed the true depth of range that she was capable of playing.
Then after a quick succession of guest starring appearances in NCIS, The Handler, and CSI: Miami, Emilie returned to the big screen in the provocative indie film, Brick. In Brick, Emilie was the catalyst for a chain of events that inspired a non-involved do-gooder played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt to track down her killer. Emilie’s portrayal of the tragic, aptly named Emily was riveting. She again was able to demonstrate a wide range between naïve wanna-be insider to Machiavellian schemer who ended up dead in a gutter.
It was this ability to flip-a-switch and be anything anyone wanted her to be that led Emilie to sashay from the holiday comedy Santa’s Slay with Saul Rubinek and Fran Drescher to the slasher horror film The Hills Have Eyes with Kathleen Quinlan and Daniel Byrd. As a result of her range, Emilie became a hot commodity and she quickly moved onto co-star in Ball Don’t Lie with Rosanna Arquette and Ludacris, the Nora Robert’s made-for-TV film High Noon with Ivan Sergei and Ty Olsson, and finally in the major motion pictures Public Enemies with Johnny Depp and Christian Bale and Remember Me with Robert Pattinson.
Emlie de Ravin as Claire on Lost
Emilie as Claire on Lost
During this same period, Emilie managed to concurrently hold down a series regular role on the hit series Lost. On Lost, Emilie played Claire Littleton, the half-sister of Jack Shephard and mother of baby Aaron. Emilie’s range was again an asset as she transitioned from innocent young mother to complete sociopathic killer in the six seasons of Lost. It has been even more apparent as this past season has required Emilie to play both versions of her character nearly simultaneously through the use of side-ways flashes in the series. The transformation between such polar opposite characters is startling. Emilie has shown that she is a young actress to be reckoned with and remembered for her diverse and fascinating performances. She is sure to captivate audiences for a long time to come.

Lost will conclude its sixth and final season on Sunday, May 23rd on ABC.
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Sunday, October 17, 2010

Emilie spotted in LA with Jeremy Davies

Last night, the Scream Awards event for Spike TV took place in LA and a lot of Lost cast members were there.
Harold Perrineau, Malcolm David Kelley, Francois Chau, Jorge Garcia and Henry Ian Cusick along with Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse attended the event. But it seems that none of the Lost actresses went. Emilie wasn't there but was "reunited" with another Lost actor. According to some Twitter users Em was with Jeremy Davies last night. I think it is awesome that they are friend and keep in touch know that the show is over. It would be great if Emilie had gone to the awards because in that way we would have new photos of hers, but it's doesn't matter...
Just met Jeremy Davies and Emilie de Ravin. They were very nice. I was very awkward. They'd never heard of my band.
about 3 hours ago via Twitter for iPhone
Dude!!! Farraday and Claire from lost just walked by me!!
about 1 hour ago via Twitter for iPhone
In LA and surrounding cities, you can never escape seeing A, B, C, or D thespians. Faraday from Lost just showed up. #TheNational
about 1 hour ago via Echofon

With Claire. #TheNational
41 minutes ago via Echofon

Credit goes to Lucy Pearl from Fan Forum
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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Emilie not in "Four Saints"?

Bad news guys. Today Four Saint's IMDb page was updated and a couple of actors were added in the cast list. But Emilie was replaced by Melanie Lynskey. I don't know if this is true but it looks official. It's a shame because the movie sounds awesome and it would be a great chance for Em to show her abilities. I will let you know if i find anything else...

Update: Unfortunately, it seems that it is official. Emilie is not in the movie. It is a pity. I was so excited about this and i really wanted Emilie to be a part of the movie. Here is a poster of it with the main characters and Em is not featured in it: Poster
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A closer look to "Four Saints" story (contains spoilers)

Rachel Leigh from Fan Forum found this extended synopsis of Emilie's new film "Four Saints". It reveals a lot of interesting information about the story and the events that will be included in the film. It contains some spoilers about it so if you want to know nothing about the story don't read the article. They are not that important though (at least in my opinion) so if you want to know more about the film you could have a look at it!

Four beautiful women come together against all odds to face the horrifying blood, death and destruction of WW1. Divorcee nurse ELSIE KNOCKER and motorcyclist MAIRI CHRISHOLM enlist in the British Flying Ambulance Corps. Their outspoken, independent nature was very unusual in a time when women were to stay at home. Lady DOROTHY FIELDING volunteered for the Corps. to escape her life of stuffy aristocracy and a lifeless marriage. HELEN GLEASON (22) volunteered for the Corps. to attempt to be closer to her husband, ARTHUR GLEASON, an American War Correspondent, who traveled to Europe to uncover the staggering truth about the number of casualties suffered in the war. HELEN'S recent miscarriage was a serious blow to their relationship and she was determined to be as close to ARTHUR as possible in hopes of conceiving again and rekindling their marriage despite the obvious danger of being close to the front lines. At the official medical post, most of the casualties were dead on arrival. It was obvious to ELSIE that they needed to get closer to the front lines if they were to save any lives. They took matters into their own hands, stole an ambulance and set up a make-shift dressing station in a barn right next to the front lines of Flanders Fields. This action infuriated both government and military officials. DR HECTOR MUNRO eventually helps the women despite his orders due to his tragic, unspoken love for ELSIE. Supplies and other support for the nurses were also arranged by the BARON T'SERCLAES of Belgium, who was taken by ELSIE's bravery and was falling in love with her. ELSIE was oblivious to the DR MUNRO and the BARON'S intentions, although extremely thankful for their kind help. DOROTHY finds love in a young, handsome Canadian, ALEX HELMER and feels the raw passion that her husband could never give her. The day after they make the most incredible love she has ever known, he is killed in front of her in an explosion that disintegrates all of her hopes and dreams-scarring her forever. After ALEX's funeral, his best friend, JOHN McCRAE, sits on the back bumper of the ambulance and writes the most touching, famous Canadian Wartime poem, "In Flanders Fields". DOROTHY bravely carries on and supports her younger brother HENRY FIELDING in the legendary Canadian Princess Pats Brigade. The nurses became celebrities in Europe and countless soldiers painted pictures, wrote letters and poems and sent gifts to the barn expressing their gratitude, including a German Pilot that ELSIE and MAIRI saved. They were also decorated by King Albert of Belgium with the highest military honour his country could bestow. ELSIE and MAIRI nearly perish themselves in the first mustard gas attack of WW1 which changed the face of war as the world had known it. The BARON passionately carried ELSIE through the death, smoke and confusion to get her to a hospital where he stayed by her side in undying hope that he would some day be able to marry his true love. Leslie McMichael, PhD
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Friday, October 8, 2010

Article about Emilie's new movie "Four Saints"

 Here is an article about Em's new project Four Saints. The producers of the film, Leslie & Steve McMichael, share some information about the production of the movie and much more. Emilie is not mentioned, but this is rational, since the article was writen before Emilie's addition to the cast!

New Cochrane couple to produce $12 M First World War epic

August 24, 2010
By: Jeremy Nolais

Leslie & Steve McMichael

She played Venus De Milo, the lone female member of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and he acted in the same TV show across enemy lines as a foot soldier.

Somehow they fell in love.

Now, with their days of pizza-scarfing and crime fighting on the hit entertainment series of the ’90s behind them, the stunt-performing couple, who go by Leslie and Steve McMichael in real life, have moved to Cochrane and are preparing to produce their first film.

“It was actually a trivia question at our wedding ‘How many times has Leslie proverbially kicked my ass,’ ” Steve joked. “I think it was like 21 times.”

The duo’s combined list of film credits certainly features a great deal of variety.

Both worked on James Cameron’s series Dark Angel — Leslie spent more than two years working as Jessica Alba’s stunt double — as well as numerous other blockbusters, including X-Men: The Last Stand, Blade: Trinity and Scary Movie.

Despite this, Leslie said the work of a stunt performer is less than glamourous at times. She believes her behind-the-scenes knowledge will help her a great deal once filming begins on their production Four Saints.

Four Saints producers Leslie and Steve McMichael at their new Cochrane home. Photo Jeremy Broadfield

Set during the First World War, the feature-length movie follows four courageous young nurses during the battle in Flanders, Belgium. Over a period of nearly four years, it is believed they saved hundreds of lives.

“They take it upon themselves,” Leslie said of her film’s characters.

“You don’t commonly hear about women in World War I. It is an incredible story.”

The script was penned by historian, author, composer and award-winning documentary director Jean-Pierre Isbouts, whom Leslie met in 2004.

Leslie said Isbouts brought up the film years ago in hopes that she would perform stunts if the project ever got off the ground.

As Leslie and Steve began making plans to produce a film through their company, White Wing Enterprises, they realized much of the set for a First World War epic was still available on the Tsuu T’ina Nation grounds after the $20-million Canadian film Passchendaele was filmed there in 2007.

“We came and did a location scout last year,” explained Leslie, who originally hails from Rocky Mountain House, Alberta. “(The sets are) pretty much still there.

“There are wild horses and hundreds of acres of untouched land . . . and that’s what we need. We want big, wide-open shots where we can just shoot the world.”

After securing the Tsuu T’ina grounds, and optioning the script from Isbouts, the McMichaels began the daunting task of organizing a film with a $12-million budget.

“It’s been a year of blood, sweat and tears for us to get it altogether,” said Leslie, who holds a PhD in media psychology and has published two children’s books.

The film is set to begin filming in mid-October and will feature a number of what Leslie calls “bankable” actors including Rhona Mitra, Selma Blair and Cary Elwes.

Some of the film’s more notable scenes will include the first use of mustard gas in combat and the creation of Lt.-Col. John McCrae’s world famous poem In Flanders Fields.

Leslie admitted she and Steve are feeling the pressure as they prepare to embark on their first project, one which members of the Alberta film industry hope will work wonders to revive a struggling sector in the province.

“(The Tsuu T’ina people) are going do a little ceremony for us on the first day of filming, like a good luck blessing,” Leslie said. “It’s good, we could use all the blessings we can get.”

Credit goes to Rachel Leigh. I have to confess that the majority of the information i post is found by her, so i would really like to thank her for sharing it with us in Fan Forum!
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Lost Cast members to reunite at Spike TV Scream Awards

Spike TV’s annual Scream awards — honoring the best in sci-fi, fantasy, comics and horror — has scored a major geek pop coup: Scream 2010 (airing Oct. 19 at 9 p.m.) will include a “Farewell Tribute To Lost” that will bring together many members of the cast for the first time since they filmed the May finale. Jorge Garcia (Hurley), Henry Ian Cusick (Desmond), and Harold Perrineau (Michael), as well as exec producers Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof, are confirmed to appear, and additional cast members are expected to be announced soon.

Let's hope that Emilie will be able to attend. We really missed her!
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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Catch A Falling Star

Some Lost fans consider this song as one of the most unique themes made for Lost. Others say it is the scariest one. I couldn't agree more with both options.

Don't forget to buy the soundtrack in order to support Michael Giacchino and listen his amazing creations!
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Monday, October 4, 2010

Articles and more news for Emilie's new movie "Four Saints"

Hello everyone! As you may know Emilie is casted in a new movie called  "Four Saints" . I found some articles about the movie with information about the production of the movie, the story and the characters. You can read them by using the following links:
Article No1
Article No2
Article No3

Furthermore, here are some article parts about Emilie's character Mairi Chisholm:

...Each of the women has her own private reasons to serve in the Corps. Elsie is fleeing a broken relationship. Helen is anxious to be closer to her husband Arthur, a war correspondent operating in Flanders. Dorothy is concerned about her brother Robert, a volunteer in the newly formed 10th Battalion of Canada's First Infantry Regiment, scheduled to be deployed in Flanders. And Mairi is a daredevil anxious to escape the stultifying restrictions on women in Edwardian society....

...Mairi is much the fairer of the two, and her clear blue eyes have something in them of the glint seen in the eyes of a man who knows not fear. They are so limpid and candid, no one could dream of the horrid experiences and revolting sights which have bitten deep into the life of this brave little Scot, and have, so she says, made her feel ten years older since she went to Belgium....

...The glamour had all evaporated; they knew what such a vow involved, but quite steadily they both agreed to take it. There were no heroics; there was no romance; there, in that bitter wind, standing in front of the poor little house full of snoring soldiers, with that horrible glare in their eyes, and the thunder of the guns shaking the ground they stood on, they held each other's hands, and determined to thrust away all idea of fears, nerves, or feminine weaknesses. In the early grey light of the morning they consummated that heroic resolve with a real sacrifice. They saw it must be; there was no escaping it. So, with a pair of surgical scissors, Mairi cut and hacked and chopped until she had shorn her friend's dark silky hair to a length of about two inches all round, and then Gipsy did the same for the strong fair crop so unlike her own. They looked at it, laughing queerly, the fair and the dark, before they knotted the tresses together and sent them floating down the canal. When one is grown up, hair completely cut off can never grow quite the same again. Later on, recounting how little one member of the party had really done for the cause, Mairi remarks significantly, "She never cut off her hair."...

Moreover, here is a photo of Mairi Chisholm (the woman Emilie will potray) and Elsie Knocker:

Finally, it seems that the filming proccess will start on November 1 and end on December 13 2010. Here is all the info i found for now. For more details you can read the articles i posted in the begining of the post. If i find sth new i will keep you updated! For all these interesting things about the movie i would like to thank all Emilie's fans in Fan Forum for finding and sharing them (especially you Rachel ;) )
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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Emilie's new project: Four Saints

Today is a great day for Emilie's fans! Her next project was just announced! It is a really interesting movie called Four Saints, directed by  Jean-Pierre Isbouts. Emilie will play a nurse called Mairi Chisholm. Here is a synopsis for the film posted by the directon on IMDb:

"The film opens when the British Army finds itself overwhelmed by massive casualties. Major Munro, a physician attached to the Royal Army Medical Corps (RAMC), decides to organize a volunteer Flying Ambulance Corps. He recruits four women: Elsie Knocker (British), Mairi Chisholm (Scottish), Dorothy Fielding (Canadian) and Helen Gleason (American). The women are sent to a field hospital in Furnes, Flanders. But before long, Elsie discovers that many wounded soldiers die of shock during the transport from the trenches to the hospital. She implores Dr. Munro to move the field hospital closer to the front. When he declines, the four women steal an ambulance, packed with supplies, and begin to operate their own dressing station -- in an abandoned village called Pervyse, a stone's throw away from the trenches. Pervyse is just north of the Ypres 'Salient,' a dangerous bulge in the German lines which actually exposes the Allied soldiers to German artillery from three sides..."

It sounds good, doesn't it!? Other actors confirmed to be in the film are: Rhona Mitra, Selma Blair, Kris Holden-Ried, Arnold Vosloo, Lorena Rincon and Kim Poirier. The movie will be filmed in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and will cost $CAD12,000,000. Production is supposed to begin in mid-October. Here are some other information for the movie:

Writer/Director: Jean-Pierre Isbouts
Exec Producers:
Michael Clarner
Basem Zakariya 
Leslie McMichael
Steve McMichael
Lead Producer: Andrew Ferns
Production Supervisor: Catherine Labrador
Production Manager: Leslie Cowan
Production Design: John Blackie
Editing: Bridgette Durnford
Music: George Blondheim

A White Wing Enterprises. Ltd. production in association with
Pantheon Studios, Inc.
with the assistance of the Government of Alberta, Alberta Film Development Program

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