Saturday, October 16, 2010

A closer look to "Four Saints" story (contains spoilers)

Rachel Leigh from Fan Forum found this extended synopsis of Emilie's new film "Four Saints". It reveals a lot of interesting information about the story and the events that will be included in the film. It contains some spoilers about it so if you want to know nothing about the story don't read the article. They are not that important though (at least in my opinion) so if you want to know more about the film you could have a look at it!

Four beautiful women come together against all odds to face the horrifying blood, death and destruction of WW1. Divorcee nurse ELSIE KNOCKER and motorcyclist MAIRI CHRISHOLM enlist in the British Flying Ambulance Corps. Their outspoken, independent nature was very unusual in a time when women were to stay at home. Lady DOROTHY FIELDING volunteered for the Corps. to escape her life of stuffy aristocracy and a lifeless marriage. HELEN GLEASON (22) volunteered for the Corps. to attempt to be closer to her husband, ARTHUR GLEASON, an American War Correspondent, who traveled to Europe to uncover the staggering truth about the number of casualties suffered in the war. HELEN'S recent miscarriage was a serious blow to their relationship and she was determined to be as close to ARTHUR as possible in hopes of conceiving again and rekindling their marriage despite the obvious danger of being close to the front lines. At the official medical post, most of the casualties were dead on arrival. It was obvious to ELSIE that they needed to get closer to the front lines if they were to save any lives. They took matters into their own hands, stole an ambulance and set up a make-shift dressing station in a barn right next to the front lines of Flanders Fields. This action infuriated both government and military officials. DR HECTOR MUNRO eventually helps the women despite his orders due to his tragic, unspoken love for ELSIE. Supplies and other support for the nurses were also arranged by the BARON T'SERCLAES of Belgium, who was taken by ELSIE's bravery and was falling in love with her. ELSIE was oblivious to the DR MUNRO and the BARON'S intentions, although extremely thankful for their kind help. DOROTHY finds love in a young, handsome Canadian, ALEX HELMER and feels the raw passion that her husband could never give her. The day after they make the most incredible love she has ever known, he is killed in front of her in an explosion that disintegrates all of her hopes and dreams-scarring her forever. After ALEX's funeral, his best friend, JOHN McCRAE, sits on the back bumper of the ambulance and writes the most touching, famous Canadian Wartime poem, "In Flanders Fields". DOROTHY bravely carries on and supports her younger brother HENRY FIELDING in the legendary Canadian Princess Pats Brigade. The nurses became celebrities in Europe and countless soldiers painted pictures, wrote letters and poems and sent gifts to the barn expressing their gratitude, including a German Pilot that ELSIE and MAIRI saved. They were also decorated by King Albert of Belgium with the highest military honour his country could bestow. ELSIE and MAIRI nearly perish themselves in the first mustard gas attack of WW1 which changed the face of war as the world had known it. The BARON passionately carried ELSIE through the death, smoke and confusion to get her to a hospital where he stayed by her side in undying hope that he would some day be able to marry his true love. Leslie McMichael, PhD


  1. poios o logos na to diavasw.....? :(

  2. Bsk to eixa anebasei prin ma8w oti i Emilie den einai pia stin tainia.. Ti na pw, krima pragmatika... Akougetai polu kalh paragwgh.. Elpizw i Em na to afhse giati brhke kati kalutero....


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