Friday, August 26, 2011

"The Chameleon" now available on DVD

After a small release in theaters last month, "The Chameleon" is now released on DVD! If you didn't have the chance to see Emilie de Ravin's new movie in theaters, this is your chance! "The Chameleon" DVD was released last Tuesday and it is also available on VOD. If you want to save some money you can also order it on Here is a link for more information: Order "The Chameleon" on Amazon!

Synopsis:  A missing teenager, mysteriously resurfacing long after his disappearance. A fractured family, welcoming him home after years of anguish. An awkward reunion, where tensions simmer beneath the surface. A loved one has returned, but something clearly is not right. One determined FBI agent senses that the boy’s story does not quite fit. But if he is who he says, what is the family hiding? And if he is not, then who is he, and why is everyone playing along? As pieces of a mysterious puzzle are put together, an unveiled past will reveal deep and dark secrets.

Cast: Marc-Andre Grondin, Famke Janssen, Emilie de Ravin, Ellen Barkin, Nich Stahl and Brian Geraghty

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011 visits the set of "Love and Other Troubles"

  The shooting of "Love and Other Troubles"  might be over in Finland but this doesn't mean we will stop have updates related to the movie! Today finnish site posted a brand new video from the set of the film. In the video you can see director Samuli Valkama and the rest of the crew shooting scenes with Emilie and her co-star Jessica Grabowski. The actresses and and mr Valkama talked about the movie with Channel 4 news reporter Mari Schildt! Check out the video here: Channel Four News on the set of "Love and Other Troubles".
  I also made some screencaps from the video for you! You can see them below:

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

"Love and Other Troubles" to be released in Finland this February? - Samuli Valkama's new interview

"Love and Other Troubles" director, Samuli Valkama, was recently interviewed by and was asked about the story of the film, the locations where the shooting took place and approaching Emilie! Apart from this interesting information, the interview gives us a hint about the film's release. Actually, the film is expected to premiere on February 2012! I suppose this information has to do only with the Finnish release though, but it's still great news! You can read parts of the interview below:

On choosing Turku for the shooting of the movie:
- Director, says that he did not want to shoot the film in Helsinki, but in some smaller towns. The group first visited the Saloon, but thought it was, after all, itoo small. They quickly found suitable shooting locations in Turku...
- Turku, architecture, buildings can be found in a large scale. Turku is a freshness of feeling, i was born in Turku, Valkama says.

On casting Emilie in the movie: 
- We went through several different stages before we were able to discuss directly with the actress. De Ravin was immediately excited about the project. She liked the script! 

The original interview was posted in finnish and you can see it here:
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Filming of "Love and other troubles" in Finland is over

  It seems that it's a wrap for "Love and Other Troubles"! At least in Finland! After shooting started on July 19th, today a producer of the film announced via Twitter that it's the last day of shooting!
  As you may know, a part of the film is gonna be filmed in the US, so the entire production will be finnished in September. The location where the movie will be filmed is not known yet, but i suppose it is Los Angeles!
  A few days ago, the same producer of the movie announced in Twitter that she is gonna be in LA from September 12th to September 18th! Maybe, this has nothing to do with the movie but ,on the other hand, the remaining scenes of the movies might be filmed then. I suppose we will have more information soon, but for now you can check the tweet i was talking about below:

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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Find "Dedicated to Emilie" on Facebook

  From now on, if you are a Facebook user, you will be able to get informed about "Dedicated to Emilie's" latest updates by being a member of the site's Facebook page. The only thing you have to do is use the following link and press "Like" on the page:!
  Everything posted on "Dedicated to Emilie" will be published on the Facebook page as well! Don't hesitate to leave your comments there as well! Your opinion matters to me!
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Old videos related to Emilie hit the net

  It's always great when fans like to share stuff related to their favorite star with other people! A couple of days ago Roswellcrazy47 uploaded in their "You Tube Channel" some old videos related to Emilie! They are dated back to 2007-2008!
  In the first one you can see a small part from Sky1's Lost special "Get Lost in which Emilie talks with Iain Lee about the difficulty of shooting a sentric episode! In the second one, we can see a part from Emilie de Ravin's red carpet appearance at the 2008 Primetime Emmy Awards. Check the videos below and share your thoughts:

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"The Hills Have Eyes" available on Blu-ray this September - Pre Order Now

  After hitting theaters five years ago and collecting $69,623,713 worldwide, "The Hills Have Eyes" will be realised in Bly-ray on September 13th. The movie is considered as a really good remake and a great horor film. Some of you might don't like this particular gerne because of the disturbing scenes shown in such movies, but the majority of the horor fans would agree that "The Hills Have Eyes" is a good film!
  It is directed by Alexandre Aja - who is also responsible for "Haute Tension"(2003), "Mirrors"(2006) and "Pirahna"(2010) - and the cast include talents such as Aaron Stanford, Kathleen Quinlan, Vinessa Shaw, Dan Byrd, Ted Levine and Emilie de Ravin of course!
  Make sure to visit "Dedicated to Emilie" again because more things about the film, will be presented in the upcoming weeks! If you want to pre order the movie, you can visit for more information!
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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

"The Perfect Game" available on DVD, Blu-ray and VOD today

  After hitting theaters last year, "The Perfect Game" is finally available on DVD. After being presented in "Dallas Film Festival" last March, "Image Entertainment" acquired all North American distribution rights and releases the movie on DVD and Blu-ray today! "The Perfect Game" is also availabe on VOD.

  As you may know "The Perfect Game" is a troubled movie. As reports "back in 2008, Lionsgate was interested in releasing the movie. In late summer alone, the young, ambitious studio had had three new movies scheduled to release in August, four in September and three in October (including Oliver Stone‘s much-anticipated George Bush bio, W.) And, quite simply, that was too many. None of them made quite as much money as they had hoped, and Lionsgate didn’t have the ready cash to market that many films all at once–not without a hit on their hands. Something had to give. The Perfect Game, for instance. Its original release date of August 8, 2008 got bumped. Indefinitely. The balance of the summer, all of baseballs season a summer itself, slipped away. The film was submitted to a couple of festivals, but otherwise it languished entirely, and if Lionsgate’s original idea has been to hold it until the other films on its slate generated some new money…well, it didn’t happen."(...)
  I managed to watch the movie and i believe it shouldn't have been treated that way! It was a great "family movie". But no matter what happened, "The Perfect Game", after beeing realised in a limited amount of theaters, is finally available for everyone! Look for it in your local DVD store and buy it, it really worths it! And if you are still not convinced, stay tuned to "Dedicated to Emilie", because a review for the movie will be posted soon!

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