Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Operation Endgame Official Site + Synopsis for Emilie's character

As you can see it the previous post the Operation Endgame was realised (i want to see it so bad!!!). Now a site for the movie is online too! He is a link for it:!!! In the site a synopis for Emilie's character is also posted! You can read it bellow: 

The unstable product of an intensely southern, religious upbringing, Hierophant is cute, giggly, and completely volatile.   A master in hand-to-hand combat, she displays no sense of compassion or humanity towards those around her.  Basically, she's the high school cheerleader who kneecaps the competition.
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Operation Endgame: Trailer

It was about time!!!!!!!! The Operation Endgame trailer is finally online! You can check it out bellow:

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Monday, June 28, 2010 Exclusive Photo Gallery for Operation: Endgame has your exclusive first look at new photos from Operation: Endgame, opening in Los Angeles on July 16 before hitting Blu-ray and DVD on July 27. The action comedy stars Joe Anderson, Rob Corddry, Ellen Barkin, Odette Yustman, Zach Galifianakis, Emilie de Ravin, Maggie Q, Adam Scott, Brandon T. Jackson, Beth Grant, Bob Oedenkirk, Michael Hitchcock, Ving Rhames and Jeffrey Tambor.

Operation: Endgame centers around two rival teams of government assassins, who work out of a top-secret underground facility and use code names from the Tarot deck. When new hire "The Fool" (Anderson) joins the group, he arrives for his first day only to discover that the boss has been murdered and the office has been locked down and turned into a ticking time bomb. He must survive his ambitious co-workers, find the killer, and discover a way out before the whole place explodes.

You can click here or on the photo below to view the gallery!


So according to this article Operation Endgame will be realised in theaters across LA and then DVD will be released! Let's hope that there is gonna be a premiere event or at least a trailer...
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The making of Remember Me (8 videos)

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Amazing site for Remember Me + brand new stills from the film

Hello!! In this post i would like to inform you about a really nice blog about Remember Me! It is called Regards sur le film Remember Me - Looking At Remember Me. It's owner, Kim is French but don't worry because her posts are writen in English and French as well (how great is that?). There are a lot of interesting things about the movie and information and details from Remember Me that you haven't seen before! So i recomment you visit it!!!! Kim was also kind enought to send me some stills from Remember Me that were released lately! You can see them bellow:
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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Behind the scenes photos part 1

After searching in a lot of sites i found some photos from the set of various Emilie's movies that i hadn't posted before! I promise to find more soon but at least for now the check these out:

The Perfect Game:

The Hills Have Eyes(Emilie is in the backround):

Ball Don't Lie:

Public Enemies:

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My review on the first season of Roswell

As you may know, Roswell is Emilie's first acting job after moving in the US 10 years ago. I haven't seen it before but know that exam period is over i decided to rant the DVDs of the fist season and watch them! Here are some of my thoughts:

i saw Roswell!!! I actually watched 22 episodes in 4 days (i thought i could this only with Lost). The first season was really good overall..!! I think that the fist two episodes were interesting enough to make you want to see the rest of the series... I didn't like episodes 3 and 4 that much because they were focusing on the romance or in other things not related to the series' mysteries... That's the reason why i didn't enjoy that much some other episodes as well but this doesn't mean that they were bad.. I loved the storyline related to aliens' origins, River Dog, Nasedo etc.. And i also believe that the story was enriched with Tess's addition. I am not saying that only because of Emilie... The character was really interesting, mysterious and had some important answers that the viewers needed... Oh and Emilie was so sexy as Tess. One small example is the scene in the library where she was with Kyle... Lucky Kyle I also liked the scene that is shown in the photos below. It was hot but kind of funny in the same way!! As for the other characters: Liz: I haven't decided if i like her or not, maybe i have to see the other seasons to make up my mind.
Max: I don't like him and i think the reason is Jason Behr. I don't know if i am the ideal person to judge his acting but i think he is not expressive enough.. As a result, sometimes he may be dull or not convinsing
Isalbel: I tihnk she and Tess are my favorite female characters.. I know that some Roswell fans think she is annoying but i she is always honest and and determined to her beliefs.
Maria - Michael: I like them but they are not my favorites
Alex: Probably my favorite male character - hated when Liz was lying to him about Max etc..
Kyle: I like him too. He is supposed to be the tupical irrirating guy who may threaten the relationship between Max and Liz(basically in the beggining of the season, i think that later he accepts the fact that Liz loves Max) but he is cool.

I also liked sherrif, i knew that he was gonna help them in the end!! Oh i forgot to reffer to Maria's mom. She is not that important to the whole story but i like her very much!!! She is funny and i don't know how her relationship with sherrif will be developed but i like them together!!

If you haven't seen the series and want to see it in the future don't read this article because it contain some spoilers!
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Old/New Interview

Here is an interview taken back in 2000 in Roswell's season 1 wrap party! The problem is that there is no sound in this video but at least you can check out how Emilie was 10 years ago (almost the same ;) ).
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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The Chameleon Is In French Theaters

Today is a great day because The Chameleon is coming out in French theaters!! If you are lucky enough to live in France support Emilie and watch it!! ;) It is such an interesting story and i really believe the movie is great!! After having seen it you can come here and leave your comments about the film if you want... You can see the trailers and some photos from the movie bellow:


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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Chameleon Review has posted a video with film critic Lisa Nesselson talking about the film. During her talk she reveals a lot of information for the movie so don't watch it if you don't want to be spoiled. Unfortunaly, there isn't any Emilie refference but some scenes from the film are shown which include Em too... You can check it out here I would like to thank for the heads up!!
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Confirmation on Emilie's attendance in the Eclipse premiere

'Eclipse' Red-Carpet Premiere To Stream Live On!
We'll be reporting from the L.A. red carpet Thursday starting at 9:30 p.m. ET on

Last fall, at the glittering red-carpet premiere of "New Moon" in Los Angeles, Kristen Stewart gushed about her brother/sister relationship with Taylor Lautner, Robert Pattinson revealed the worst part about being Robert Pattinson, and Dakota Fanning admitted she'd probably feed on another human being if he or she smelled like orange chicken from Panda Express.
What are we going to learn from the "Twilight" kids this year at the premiere of "Eclipse"? Well, no one knows what will be on their minds as they make their way down the carpet, but we promise you'll know the moment it happens. Why? Because we'll be live-streaming the entire thing right here on
On Thursday at 9:30 p.m. ET, our own Josh Horowitz will be reporting live for two full hours outside the Nokia Theatre, where he'll be joined by Kimmy West, who runs the fan site His Golden Eyes. They will be chatting with the entire cast, including Stewart, Lautner, Pattinson, Fanning, Peter Facinelli, Elizabeth Reaser, Ashley Greene, Kellan Lutz, Nikki Reed, Jackson Rathbone, Billy Burke and Gil Birmingham. Director David Slade, "Twilight" author Stephenie Meyer and series screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg will also be stopping by to talk.
Other expected guests include Jamie Foxx, James Franco, Ke$ha, Kim and Kourtney Kardashian, Emilie de Ravin, Jaden Smith and Emma Roberts.
It's going to be a crazy night of "Twilight"-y goodness, and you'll be able to check out the whole thing in real time. And make no mistake: The event is going to be even bigger than last year's. As Greene told us as she introduced "New Moon" to the world, "People always ask if I'm used to it, but there's no way to get used to it, because they just keep getting more and more exciting. [The fans] are very passionate, and it keeps getting bigger. It's incredible."
We'll be live at the L.A. premiere of "The Twilight Saga: Eclipse" on Thursday, June 24. Tune in to at 9:30 ET (8:30 Central) for our red-carpet webcast, and watch us chat with Robert, Kristen, Taylor and all your favorite stars. And don't forget to submit your burning "Eclipse" questions!
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High Noon to be shown in Italy tomorrow?

As you may know High Noon is a movie of Emilie's filmed for television which premiered in the US last April. Since then it is shown in a lot of countries as well, such as Sweden, Spain, France and Netherlands. And now according to IMDb it will be shown in Italy too, in June 23! I guess it is true but if someone who lives in Italy could confirm this information, it would be great!
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Remember Me DVD Now Available on DVD/Blu Ray

If you haven't seen it or you liked it and want to see it again, Remember Me is now available on DVD and Blu Ray in the US. Here are some more release dates for other countries:

UK...........................July 19
France.....................September 15
Australia.................July 14
Germany................September 2

Thnx for the list!!!
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Emilie to attend the Eclipse premiere???

I don't know if this is true but according to a lot of Twitter users Summit has invited Emilie to the premiere of the 3rd instalment of the Twilight Saga! I hope this is true! If i learn sth official i will keep you updated! The event will take place in June 24 during the Los Angeles Film Festival held at the Nokia Theater in Los Angeles.
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Friday, June 18, 2010

3 clips from The Chameleon

Good news everyone. The Chameleon will be released in France in 6 days and some new clips are online!!! They were posted but i wouldn't have found them if owner hadn't posted them too!!! According to the same site Emilie will not attend the french premiere of the movie which will take place on June 25.

Iwould like to thank again for the videos!!!!
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Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole baner

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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga'Hoole first poster

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New/Old Emilie's interview for "The Hills Have Eyes"

Here is an old interview fetauring Emilie and Aaron Stanfond (her co-star from The Hills Have Eyes) talking about the film!! There is also a lot of unseen stuff from the set of the movie in the video! I would like to thank 89Spacegirl from Youtube for uploading it in the site!!!!

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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Screencaps from Legend of the Guardians trailer and behing the scenes video

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Amazing New Trailer for Legend of the Guardians:The Owls of Ga'Hoole

Today a brand you trailer for Emilie's upcoming animated film was released! In my opinion it is awesome and not just because of Emilie. I believe that Zack Snyder who also directed 300 and Watchmen is a great director and all his projects are unique! Check it out bellow and don't forget that the movie is coming out on September 24!!!

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Monday, June 14, 2010

It's official: Remember Me is nominated in Teen Choice Awards!

Today Fox announced a huge list with nominees for  Teen Choice Awars 2010 and the rumour about Remember Me being nominated is true! It is actually nominated in the category for the best dramam of the year. Robert Pattinson is also nominated!! Emilie didn't manage to be a nominee but competition is really rough so it's ok! I would also like to inform you that Lost is nominated too in the category for the best scifi show of the year. Evangeline Lilly and Josh Holloway are also nominated!!!! Check the whole list out here:
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Remember Me DVD menu images

The Remember Me DVD/Blu Ray is coming out in 7 days and the images from the DVD menu are online. You can see them below:

These photos where posted on You can also read some comments about the commentary of the DVD there!!
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New/Old Remember Me Interview

Here is an interview featuring the cast and crew of Remember Me talking about the film. I don't know how ols is it but i just found it in YouTube.
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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Remember Me nominated in Teen Choice Awards???

According to a blog related to Robert Pattinson, Remember Me is nominated in Teen Choice Awards in the caterory of the best drama. Robert is nominated in "the best actor in a drama" category too. The source is not official so don't take it for granted. We can't also be sure if Emilie is nominated. The event will take place in August 8 and i heard that the nominees will be officially announced tomorrow!! So we won't have to wait long! ;)
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Thursday, June 10, 2010

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