Monday, May 2, 2011

Emilie spotted in Gold Coast Australia

Hello guys! It seems that Emilie is back in Australia with her family. A couple of days ago, a facebook user commented about seeing Emilie in Gold Coast! Lucy Pearl from Fan Forum found the comments and shared them with the rest of the fans! Here they are:

Comment No1
I just saw the girl who plays Claire on Lost walking on the beach!..but no Charlie
Comment No2
just main beach in gold coast australia. its seriously the place to be

If i find more information, i will let you know!


  1. no offense, but a lot of girls look like emilie de ravin. a single twitter post doesn't mean she's actually in australia. they could have thought it was her, looked like her.

  2. You are right, it could be someone else. I just thought it could be a good idea to post it since the facebook user seems pretty sure that it was Emilie...

  3. all they said was, they saw claire without charlie on the beach in a part of australia she doesn't live in, and is no where near where her parents are. first she's engaged because of a ring we can barely see on her finger now she's in australia? she was just working out in LA not that long ago. imho it just seems off.

  4. First of all, it would be better if you could write your names when you are posting a comment! That would make our discussion easier!
    Secondly, the fact that Em was wearing a ring when she was last seen doesn't mean anything. It could be just a random ring.
    Finally, she was spotted in LA 20 days ago. That means she had plenty of time to travel to Australia. As i said in my previous comment, you may be right, the woman that was seen in Gold Coast might not be her. But since i found the comment from the facebook user, i thought i had to post it in order to inform the people that read my blog. I don't think i did sth wrong.

  5. it gives me an option to be anonymous, and i'd rather be anonymous! i don't think we need to know names! and i'm sorry if you think i was saying you did anything wrong, no i don't think you did anything wrong. i just dislike assumptions without a solid source!

  6. Ok, i respect the fact that you don't want to write your name and i also dislike assumptions without a solid source, that's why i didn't like the fact that you said that Emilie is engaged because she was just wearing a ring.
    Anyway, we are not here to argue. I understand why you didn't like the post and i am happy you told it to me. So the next time i find an information like this, i will post it as a possibility, because it might not be true! In that way noone will be misinformed!

  7. Diffrent Anon here.
    Where does the whole Emilie is engaged thing come from?

  8. When Emilie was spotted heading to a gym, a couple of weeks ago, some people noticed that she was wearing a ring in her left hand. Since there were some rumors that she and Jeremy Davies (a costar of hers from Lost) are together, some people believe the got engaged. If you ask me, i think that nothing is going on. It could be just a random ring...

  9. Hi John! No news about Emilie's future professionnl projects? It's been a long time without any info about her :(

  10. Hello Kim!! How are you??? Unfortunately, it has been almost a year without important news about Emilie's future projects.. After Remember Me, she had revealed that she had meeting, talking about some roles. She was once involved in a movie called Four Saints, but it was never filmed (i think due to the lack of funds or sth). Since then there is nothing new. The problem is that she didn't make public appearences as well.... I hope she is just taking a break and looking for good future projects... It would be such a shame if she gave up....

  11. Can't you try to get some stuff from your friend who chats with Emilie's neighbour again?

  12. Guys over at imdb: anotherpearl is claiming that Emilie went back with her Ex Husband (for the third time?).
    She is also at fanforum under another name and normaly isn't trolling and sometimes in the past had good imformation about Emilie from friends in the Industry.
    I just really hope it's not true. :(


  14. If that's true than someone needs to shake her.
    What the hell is she thinking getting with him for the third time? it didn't work before it won't work now. And that's also the reason she hasn't been working? Urg.
    also downgrade from JD.

  15. Guys i think we should not believe sth someone wrote in a site until we have proof... Anyone can start making up stories or writing about rumors they heard so i suggest you don't believe everything you read before you confirm it. That's why i never wrote anything about Emilie's rumored relationship with Jeremy Davies here (If you ask me, i believe they are together indeed, but this is just my opinion and it could be wrong).

    It is such a shame that Emilie hasn't done anything during the last year, but we have to respect that this is her desicion.. I miss her and i suppose all of you miss her too, but believing in all those rumors is pointless.. Let's hope that she she planning her future projects in order to make a comeback!!

  16. Just so everyone knows anotherpearl on Indb is divaduck on fanforum.

    Divaduck has been on the Emilie board on for years and as far as I remember never has shwon herself to be a Troll or anything.
    Divaduck has also given out stuff like that it was Emilie who got Maggie in talks for her Twilight role thanks for her conntacts with RP. She said she had friends in the Business and that's how she got her information. I don'
    t know if any of the Maggie or husband stuff is true either though as of now i really hope she is lying because I really like her with Jeremy and I hope Emilie is smarter than getting back together with that guy again and putting her acting job on hold for him.

  17. Well, i am a fan forum user and i don't think that divaduck is anotherpearl. Pls don't make assumptions if you are not sure...

  18. I am sure, it's not like it's some big shameful secret!
    She used to go under divaduck on imdb too until she got into a fight with the troll sallyzera aka sal_4 (who also used to be on fanforum, can't remember the name. She had horrible grammar and was obsessed with how ugly JD was and how much she wanted Emilie to date Jeremy Renner) on the Emilie Board(Which imdb has deleted since). Sallyzera brought it over to fanforum where she made big drama post on how mean divaduck was and how she was leaving the ff boards because of this and blabla (no one cared and the post was also deleted by a Mod for bringing over drama from another board).
    divaduck then changed her username on imdb (which is pretty easy to do in your profile) to anotherpearl.
    Here is her post about MG and twilight as divaduck on ff: and as anotherpearl on imdb:
    anotherpearl (back when she posted it still divaduck) saying she is on fanforum:
    Also note divaducks current butthurt in the Emilie news thread and how the writing style is the same (No use of shift-key for one).

  19. Thank you for the info and the links!! It seems you are right, but i think we should not care about who wrote all this stuff. I quess we just have to wait for Emilie to return (i hope she returns) in order to find out the truth...


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