Saturday, June 4, 2011

"The Chameleon" finally coming to theaters on July - Exclusive information

Hello guys! Sorry for not updating the blog for a while but i was really busy with my exams. But now that they are over i am planning to change a lot of things in the blog (i will inform you soon). For know i have some good news for "The Chameleon". After being postponed a couple of times, Emilie's new movie is finally coming out on July 8th. Last April, some big movie sites has announced that it was going to be released on June 10th. But there wasn't any kind of promotion by the distributor of the film, and nothing was mentioned in it's official site about it.

This changed a couple of days ago, when LLeju's site was updated! Today, i communicated with Keith Perkins, a representative from the company, and he confirmed the date. As he added "...the film will be a limited release. New York and Los Angeles are 2 of the 8 cities the film will debut. The other cities are: Phoenix, Minneapolis, Seattle, San Francisco, St. Louis. , and Portland." So if you live in one of these cities you could check the film when it comes out! I will try to film more information as soon as i can and i hope this is a chance for Emilie to make a public appearence (after a whole year) and promote the film!

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