Monday, October 4, 2010

Articles and more news for Emilie's new movie "Four Saints"

Hello everyone! As you may know Emilie is casted in a new movie called  "Four Saints" . I found some articles about the movie with information about the production of the movie, the story and the characters. You can read them by using the following links:
Article No1
Article No2
Article No3

Furthermore, here are some article parts about Emilie's character Mairi Chisholm:

...Each of the women has her own private reasons to serve in the Corps. Elsie is fleeing a broken relationship. Helen is anxious to be closer to her husband Arthur, a war correspondent operating in Flanders. Dorothy is concerned about her brother Robert, a volunteer in the newly formed 10th Battalion of Canada's First Infantry Regiment, scheduled to be deployed in Flanders. And Mairi is a daredevil anxious to escape the stultifying restrictions on women in Edwardian society....

...Mairi is much the fairer of the two, and her clear blue eyes have something in them of the glint seen in the eyes of a man who knows not fear. They are so limpid and candid, no one could dream of the horrid experiences and revolting sights which have bitten deep into the life of this brave little Scot, and have, so she says, made her feel ten years older since she went to Belgium....

...The glamour had all evaporated; they knew what such a vow involved, but quite steadily they both agreed to take it. There were no heroics; there was no romance; there, in that bitter wind, standing in front of the poor little house full of snoring soldiers, with that horrible glare in their eyes, and the thunder of the guns shaking the ground they stood on, they held each other's hands, and determined to thrust away all idea of fears, nerves, or feminine weaknesses. In the early grey light of the morning they consummated that heroic resolve with a real sacrifice. They saw it must be; there was no escaping it. So, with a pair of surgical scissors, Mairi cut and hacked and chopped until she had shorn her friend's dark silky hair to a length of about two inches all round, and then Gipsy did the same for the strong fair crop so unlike her own. They looked at it, laughing queerly, the fair and the dark, before they knotted the tresses together and sent them floating down the canal. When one is grown up, hair completely cut off can never grow quite the same again. Later on, recounting how little one member of the party had really done for the cause, Mairi remarks significantly, "She never cut off her hair."...

Moreover, here is a photo of Mairi Chisholm (the woman Emilie will potray) and Elsie Knocker:

Finally, it seems that the filming proccess will start on November 1 and end on December 13 2010. Here is all the info i found for now. For more details you can read the articles i posted in the begining of the post. If i find sth new i will keep you updated! For all these interesting things about the movie i would like to thank all Emilie's fans in Fan Forum for finding and sharing them (especially you Rachel ;) )

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