Wednesday, October 27, 2010

"Waiting for Emilie to return" Part 2

Hello everyone. Today i decided to make a post about the making of Remember Me! I' ve collected numerous videos from YouTube showing the filming proccess on the set of the film! You will also see more things about the movie in the post! Remember Me was a great chance for Emilie to show her acting abilities by playing something different from the type of characters she had potrayed in the past! Furthermore, she had the chance to work with some amazing actors and Allen Coulter, who hasn't done a lot of  movies so far (ha has done a lot of things on television though) but i really loved what he did in Remember Me. Remember Me was also the first movie (which was shown in theaters) in which Emilie was the leading star of the movie along with Robert Pattinson of course. She became more well known after doing the film and i am sure that she will have a lot of offers for leading roles in the future!! But anyway, i said to much. Let's remember why we loved Emilie in Remember Me!





So what do you think about Remember Me? Did you like it? Do you think Emilie did a good job in the film? Leave you comments bellow!!!


  1. thanks again for these posts that make the wait more tolerable...however I adore Remember Me! is a beautiful film, with a very deep meaning, and Emilie did a wonderful performance in it! In my opinion one of the best part of the movie was her performance, Rob wasn't as good as Emilie!


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