Friday, December 31, 2010

Emilie is the 58th most popular actor on Box Office Mojo for 2010

2010 might be almost over, but due to Emilie's projects, a lot of people checked her BoxOfficeMojo profile though the year! The site is becoming more and more popular and it is one of the most reliable sites for box office information. Back in Spring, when "Remember Me" was released BoxOfficeMojo users paid a lot of attention to Emilie. I remember checking the site and founding out that Em was one of the five most popular actors on a daily basis. This continued happening of a while because of the release of "The Perfect Game". Unfortunately, Emilie has been MIA since June but the exposure due to "Remember Me" and "The Perfect Game" was enough to make her be the 58th most popular person on the site. This is not bad at all, since there are thousands of profiles for actors, director and producers on BocOfficeMojo! Let's hope that next year, Emilie will give us and people that are not fans of hers a lot of reasons to pay attention to her!!!!!!

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