Friday, December 3, 2010

New Article: 11 Movie Stars Who Started as Ballet Dancers

  Hello everyone!!!!!! How are you?????? I am really sorry for not updating the blog for such a long time but my pc had a problem and i couldn't use it. I was hoping that by the time "i am back" there would be news about Emilie but unfortunately nothing is anounced about a new project... The only thing i know is that Emilie was in New York last week. A twitter user spotted her eating a salad (i suppose he is working in a restaurant or sth) :) :) :)

  Anyway, today posted an article reffering to movie stars that began their careers as ballet dancers and Emilie is one of them! Here is what the wrote about her:

Emilie de Ravin

The lovely de Ravin gained the spotlight as the perpetually terrified teenage mother Claire on “Lost,” but she was once consumed with battements and changements as a student in the Australian Ballet School. The ABS is an incredibly selective and difficult school, so it’s obvious de Ravin possessed a lot of talent and determination to get in. But after taking a week long acting course, the “Remember Me” star dropped out of dance, and never looked back. She admitted to Collider that she “missed it” but was much happier as an actress. Maybe it all had something to do with those “Lost” numbers, and baby Aaron, and ….

If you want to read the whole article use this link: Article

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