Sunday, February 27, 2011

First photo of Emilie's after 8 months

I still don't believe it but it is true! Emilie is back! Someone took a picture of her while she was in an airplane (i think she was in a flight back to LA! I can't describe how happy i am that i see a new photo of my favorite actress after 8 MONTHS. You can see it bellow:

The picture was uploaded on Twitter by the one who took the photo! You can see his tweet bellow:
Claire littleton ended up sitting one row in front of me, and the plane didn't fall - here she is
cesar romero (romerocesar) on Twitter


  1. YAY!! Looks like she came from Seattle to LA.

  2. So she was in Seattle? Because i am still not sure if The Cobra Lounge Emilie visited about a week ago was in Bellingham or in Seattle...

  3. I think it was in Seattle because on the Cobra Lounge facebook page they said she was just haning in Seattle.

    But why was she in Seattle?
    Something to do with Jeremy?

  4. The Cobra Lounge twitter page that posted the sighting of Emilie has a website and according to the website, it is in Bellingham. But on the bar's facebook page they said: "She was just out kicken it in Seattle". So maybe she was in Seattle and drove up to Bellingham or something like that :)
    If she was there with Jeremy, I'm sure they would mention it. I think Jeremy is still filming Justified, so maybe she was there with friends :)

  5. Hhmm i am kind of confused... What we know is that first she was in Seattle(or Bellingham), then she was spotted in a flight to Vegas, and then in a flight from Seattle to LA! If she and Jeremy were together they would have mentioned him, so i believe she was alone or with friends as well! Lets hope that she works on a secret project or sth that is filmed in these places!

  6. I'm so glad there's a new picture of her :) Paparazzis should take picutres of her more often. I mean like everybody is pictured all the time in LA and there's nothing about Emilie.

  7. Finally! That's exciting, I hope she has a new role or something, that'd be awesome.


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