Saturday, September 3, 2011

New photos from the set of "Love and Other Troubles" hit the net.

  After learning all the latest updates of the film, it is time to have a closer look on the set of  "Love and Other Troubles". The shooting might have ended but this doesn't mean we will stop have updates related to the movie! Below you can see some photos taken "on location"!  In the first two photos you can see Emilie de Ravin and Ville Virtanen on the set "of a summer party" (you can see more pictures from that day in a previous post of mine: Brand new photo from the set of "Love and Other Troubles"). The rest of the photos featuring Emilie are probably taken in Turku or Salo, while the last one with Jussi Nikkilä is taken in Turku!
  But i think i said enough. It's time for some new photos!

I would really like to credit for the majority of the photos!

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