Thursday, September 15, 2011

Emilie spotted by Twitter users (?)

  The shooting of "Love and Other Troubles" might have already started in the US but we still haven't any reports or photos from the set. On the other hand, some Twitter users might have located it Emilie in Boston and New York. Or at least this is what they insinuate. 
  On September 3rd, a Twitter user from Boston Twitted that he was sitting next to Emilie while another one from New York twitted that she also saw her a couple of days ago! As i told you, Emilie is currently filming "Love and other troubles" in the US and the exact location is not known, so they might saw her near the set of the film (according to the tweets i posted in my previous post, it seems that they are filming the movie in LA though). Then again, they might saw someone else and thought it was Emilie! Or they might didn't "tweet" from the place shown in their Twitter profiles.
  Anyway, whatever happened, i thought i should let you know. Here are the tweets:

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