Tuesday, June 19, 2012

First Official Press Release for Emilie de Ravin's "Air Force One Is Down"

It has been almost a month and a half since Emilie de Ravin have been working on her new project, Air Force One Is Down, and today the press release for the action packed mini-series was released!

You can read the article that was first released on www.worldscreen.com bellow:

 NEW YORK: Power and Sonar Entertainment have unveiled new details for the upcoming action/suspense television event Alistair MacLean’s Air Force One is Down, which will star Linda Hamilton.

Hamilton will play U.S. President Harriet Rowntree. Also on board the cast are Jeremy Sisto, Amanda Donohoe, Emilie de Ravin, Rupert Graves and Jamie Thomas King.

The four-hour mini-series is currently shooting in Luxembourg. It is produced by Cedros Productions and Ingenious Media's Fringilla Productions in the U.K. and Lynx Productions in Luxembourg.

“Our dynamic and appealing cast, spectacular locations and a taut, edgy script inspired by the legendary Alistair MacLean, are an unbeatable combination,” commented Stewart Till, the CEO of Sonar Entertainment. “We have all the pieces in place for a very watchable and memorable television event.”

Susan Waddell, Power's CEO, remarked, “This is an exciting project for us. Air Force One and Alistair MacLean are both iconic brands with global appeal. Add to that our strong cast and a great contemporary script and you have a winning formula guaranteed to attract a legion of existing fans and thrill a new generation of viewers.”

According to IMDb, the cast also includes Jaime King, Cas Anvar and Leila Schaus among others. I hope we have more updates soon! For know, i can reassure you that the first photos from the set will be posted next! Not much of Emilie, but you can at least get a glimpse of her!

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