Saturday, May 19, 2012

Americana is not moving forward. See what you can do to bring it back on the game.

  I am pretty sure you are all aware of the bad news, but i would like to write about it as well. One week ago "ABC" announced it's new shows and unfortunately Americana isn't one of them. That was kind of shocking for a lot of us, since buzz for Emilie's new pilot was more than positive. Until the very last moment, it wasn't clear if Americana was gonna made it or not. Actually, some sources claim that there is still hope for the show. If you ask me, this is kind of impossible, but at least there is something we can do. As informs us Emilie de Ravin France and Ashley Greene Central started a petition for the unfair decision of ABC not picking the “Americana” after all the positive words we get that it was a sure thing.(...) I think this is a great way to express how much we want Americana to move forward. If you want to sign the petition click here:

Americana's impressive cast includes actors Annabeth Gish, Anthony LaPaglia, Ashley Greene, Christine Adams, David Alpay, Emilie de Ravin, Ken Olin, Natalie Mendoza and Tiffany Hines.

To see all the new shows coming this fall click here:

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