Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Promotion for "Love and Other Troubles" has officially started!

  In less than 25 days "Love and Other Troules" will be released in Finland and "Bronson Club" has started promoting the movie. As they informed us through the official Facebook page of the film, posters of the movie has started poping up in local theaters. You can see one on the left!
  For those who are not familiar with the project, Emilie de Ravin's new movie is called Hulluna Saraan in Finish, which means "Crazy About Sara", and it will be realised in Finland on January 27th!
  But the promotion of the movie does not stop here. If you live in Finland, you should defenately buy this month's issue of "Cosmopolitan" cause you will find a lot of things about the movie inside! As you can see below Adele is on the cover of the magazine:
  As Emilie recently announced, she will travel to Finland soon, so along with the other cast and crew, she will promote the movie as well! Let's hope that we will have more information about the premiere of the movie, the shows Emilie is going to attend and more.

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