Thursday, March 11, 2010

ARTICLE: Emilie de Ravin on 'Remember Me' kissing scene with Robert Pattinson, Claire on 'Lost'

Emilie de Ravin's role as Claire in the TV series "Lost" has lately caused fans to scratch their heads, but her turn starring opposite of Robert Pattinson in "Remember Me" has heads turning.
Namely, the pair share intensely intimate moments on the big screen, from their bold first kiss, to a (clothed) romp in the shower and beyond. When it came time to the film such physical chemistry, however, there were no moments or opportunities for Pattinson and de Ravin to "rehearse": they just headed right in.
"When we [screen] tested together, there was no scenes involving kissing and obviously we didn’t test with a sex scene," de Ravin laughed in her interview with HitFix. She mocked just how awkward such an audition process would become. “'We want to see another scene, so take off your clothes. We just want to see the chemistry, trust us, it’s O.K.'"
Click here to watch HitFix's interview with Pattinson.
de Ravin said she joined the "Remember Me" cast quite "late in the game," coming in as romantic lead Ally Craig, a role that was originally penned as a Hispanic character. A fine role for an... Aussie? Ally was revamped as a Queens, N.Y. native, but de Ravin notes that several main actors -- including Pierce Brosnan and "Twilight" star Pattinson -- aren't U.S. natives either, except for Chris Cooper, who plays her dad in the film.
"Working in accents it just another layer to a character," she says. "One idea was to do it really Queensy, but when I spent time in Queens before we started shooting, it was really interesting listening to girls in their mid-teens to their mid 20s. Younger generations’ accents are so not really there, kind of generic, but when you get older, it increases with age to the strength of the accent."
Moving on from the continent of Australia to the island on "Lost," de Ravin is loath to reveal any new details on Claire's troubled character but mentions new twists to her role are "kind of continuous. [Claire's] really interesting this season. There’s a lot going on and there’s a lot that she’s discovering and bringing back and figuring out."
"Remember Me" opens in theaters tomorrow (Friday, March 12).


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