Monday, March 15, 2010

Emilie de Ravin: Blonde Babe

Here is an aricle/interview from about Emilie's hair and more... LOL

She’s become quite the celebrity thanks to “Lost” and “Remember Me” and Emilie de Ravin insists she’s a natural blonde.
“I’ve never dyed my hair. I’d actually love to dye it black, well, not quite black but really dark brown, one day, just for a change. But I’m told it will never come back again.”
Emilie also noted that she doesn’t line up with the typical blonde assumptions. “I think there’s definitely the stereotype of the dumb blonde, but if people buy into that they’re lame. I wish people looked to people more for their personality than looks.”
As for the much-anticipated final season of “Lost,” Miss de Ravin shared, “I still don’t know how it ends. I’ve got no clue. It’s as confusing as it’s always been. We’ve still got a few weeks left to shoot, so I’m constantly sort of surprised when I’m given a new script. I mean, it’s insane the things they come up with, but really in a great way. This time Claire is a different person, it’s basically a whole other Claire, so it’s been fun sort of figuring out her journey.”


Furthermore, Remember Me cast (including Em of cource) was interviewed by . The interview contains spoilers from the movie so i suggest not reading them if you haven't seen the film. See the interview here.

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