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Two New Emilie's Interviews

An awful lot of Twilight fans will be lining up to see vampire heartthrob Robert Pattinson in his new movie, Remember Me, opening this Friday. When co-star Emilie de Ravin signed on to play his love interest, however, she literally had no idea what she was getting herself into.
"I didn't know him," she says bluntly, discussing the film from a Toronto hotel room recently. "I had no preconceived notion of who he was because I didn't know from his name."
So, totally unaware of the Twilight books and films phenomenon? "I suppose I was aware of it," she allows. "But I hadn't seen the films, and I didn't connect his name with that."
The 28-year-old Australian actress is currently shooting the sixth and final season of Lost, in which she plays Claire Littleton, one of the survivors of a downed airliner. (Maybe getting stranded on a Pacific island is the only way to avoid Twilight.) "It's bittersweet that it's ending," she says, but adds it will open up more time for film projects.
Remember Me seemed to fall in her lap. "The script was just sent my way," she said. "I knew nothing about it, knew no one involved, just read it and really I just couldn't put it down. I just immediately fell in love with it and the role of Ally. Such a great meaty role, something I felt I could really do something with."
Her character is living in Queens, N.Y., with her single father, a police officer played by Chris Cooper. As we learn in the opening scene, her mother was shot and killed in front of her by purse-snatchers on the subway in 1991. Ten years later, she meets Tyler Hawkins (Pattinson), who carries his own secret wound.
Filming on location in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens was a challenge, de Ravin says. Pattinson tends to draw crowds. "There was such a heightened excitement around all the sets," she says. "So even if you come in and are doing a very serious scene, everyone around is so excited and happy. So it's odd, if you're not doing a scene that requires that emotion, to be surrounded and enveloped by it."
De Ravin's erratic acting career began with parts on TV's Beast-Master and Roswell when she was still a teenager. Since then, she has found work in such low-budget gems as 2005's Brick, and blockbuster fare such as last year's Michael Mann film Public Enemies. ( "For a minute," she says of her minor role.)
"I wouldn't say I was drawn to a certain genre or a certain kind of character," she notes. "I think it's mainly about just something that clicks when you read it, and something that's going to challenge me in a new and different way. I think it's very easy, especially nowadays, to get somewhat pigeonholed in playing the funny girl or the girl next door or the girl in the horror movies. So I strive not to let that happen."
In fact, de Ravin has twice appeared as "the girl in the horror movies," in Santa's Slay in 2005 and The Hills Have Eyes the following year. Her next project is a little different, however. She will provide the voice for an owl in the animated film Legend of the Guardians, directed by Zack Snyder ( Watchmen).
"I'm a tween owl," she says, unable to stop herself from laughing. "Half the fun was just trying out all these different voices. And you're also taped while you're doing it, so they can put your facial expressions ... into the animation, which just amazes me. Just to see how I look as a little fluffy owl. She's very cute.


Australian born actress Emile de Ravin is not one to sit idling – especially when it comes to her career. In fact, the 28-year-old Lost actress from Victoria, Australia has been keeping herself busy with work on the big screen.
She's just wrapped up acting roles in the two pictures: The Chameleon and The Legend Of The Guardians. But it's the Alan Coulter-directed Remember Me, her upcoming film with Hollywood's latest hunk du jour, Robert Pattinson – that pasty bloodsucking Brit from Twilight – that should help remind people what a budding acting talent de Ravin is. Sharing the screen with such veterans as Pierce Brosnan and Chris Cooper, it's obvious de Ravin can more than hold her own against such seasoned veterans. “Working with most of these actors, who I consider legends, just raises the stakes and makes you want to do the best you can," she says. Emile de Raven was pleasently surprised when she was asked to star in director Zack Synder's The Legend Of The Guardians, a sprawling epic featuring the who's who of the Australian acting world – Hugo Weaving, Sam Neill and Geoffrey Rush. “With all the best actors from down under in it, it can't help but be a great motion movie,” she admits. “I'm really excited to be a part of it, because I feel like I've come full circle with one aspect of my career – with Lost. I was part of a television phenomenon, and it's over, but I loved every minute of it. Now, I'm getting the chance to showcase a whole new side of myself with the new movies I have coming out."
The self-confident, humorous, and gracious de Ravin, sipping on a can of Diet Coke, comfortably settled within the confines of her lavish Manhattan hotel suite, confesses she is sad to see her time as Claire Littleton come to an end on Lost, but emphasizes her upcoming film career will take take her to even greater places. “I really feel like I've got an exciting time ahead of me,” she says. “I've been given some great opportunities in the past, but they only seem to get better and better.”
So what did you do while you were filming Remember Me in New York City?
“Just sort of wandering around and also observing people. But it was cool, to see what's around the streets, or around the corner. Maybe places we'd go eat. But to shoot in New York was just amazing. I love New York as a city. But also, this movie wouldn't be the movie it is, if we hadn't shot in New York. The city is basically a character in the movie. And it just made everything so much more real and organic.You know, you're there, so you're reacting to everything that would be there.”
How did you like working with Tinsel Town's current “It Guy” – Twilight leading man Robert Pattinson, as your costar in this movie?
“Ha! Is that his new name? No, it was great, we get along really well and had a fun time. We also shared the same amount of passion for this film. So everything felt very natural and unforced. And we spent lot of time just getting to know each other as people. So there was that kind of comfort level too, which I think helps a lot.
What was it like filming at NYU?
“I was really happy that we got to shoot there, it was really great. But we didn't get to have much to do with the students, everything was barricaded off from the paparazzi and the fans. Chris Cooper (who portrays her dad) said he has gripes about young actors, because a lot of them don't show up on time to the set, or take things seriously enough”

Did you show up on time, and did you know all your lines?
“Yes, Mom.” (laughs)

Did Cooper's role as the brutal dad ever stress you?
“No, Chris is as gentle as a lamb.”

Has Remember Me left a lasting impression on you?
“Yeah, I think so. Just my character's attitude of not being fearful of life. And that no matter what's happened, you can't change the past. So not to forget the past, but not to live in the past. And living every day to its fullest, and really appreciating, and stepping back and realizing, loving the people around you. So I guess that's left an impression on me. I mean, life these days is so go, go, go. And I think a lot of us just forget to stop for a second, and just appreciate the people around you. Your loved ones, and just life.”

You cleaned up very nicely from the savage woman scenes you have in Lost.
“Thank you.”

What's that like, playing Claire as a jungle woman?
“It's great. You know, all I want to do is be constantly inspired by the people I work with, and challenged by a different role. So this is great, because it's basically a whole other character. And it's been fun sort of figuring her out, and her journey.”

So, Lost is all winding down, huh?
“Yeah, we're done. We've still got about six more weeks of shooting.”
What do you see for yourself in the future?
“I'm taking meetings now. But it's not about, 'Oh I need to do this specific genre, or time period or role.' It's just more about that feeling you get when you read something, and you just connect with that. It's hard to put into words. There's just something you feel where, 'I need to play this role.' And then just working with people who inspire me. So hopefully, I can just continue doing this thing I love. Acting is Priority One for me right now, and in whatever way or shape it takes form – we'll just have to see...”



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