Sunday, April 4, 2010

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Remember Me Star Talks R Pattz

MTV speaks to Emilie De Ravin…

Robert Pattinson’s Remember Me co-star has raved about working with the hunk in the new film.
The romantic drama has just hit cinemas and sees the Twilight hunk in a relationship with a feisty girl played by Lost star Emilie De Ravin.
She told MTV News: “Rob’s great, he’s amazing in the film and we really sort of shared the same amount of enthusiasm and passion to really just make it as good as we could.
“I was very lucky to be working with someone that gives everything, whether it be fighting or kissing, everything just was sort of natural and not forced which was cool.”

De Ravin also told us it was the scripts that attracted her to the film. She said: “It felt like you were reading more like a letter or a journal. It’s just an honest depiction of these characters and their lives.”

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