Thursday, May 20, 2010

New/Old Emilie's Interview

Emilie de Raven has the enviable position of being Robert Pattinson’s love interest in Remember Me, an intense romantic drama set in New York City in 2001.

As the song says, love ain’t easy, and that’s at the heart of the film. Working on the emotional aspects of the role took a lot out of the 28 year old Australian actress who prides herself on putting her heart and soul into her performances. Best known as the enigmatic Claire Littleton from TV’s Lost, De Ravin knows about being part of a pop phenomenon.

M&C - You are the envy of countless Twilight fans having worked so intimately with Robert Pattinson in Remember Me. How did he strike you?
EDR- My first impression was that he was just down to earth funny and nice, incredibly nice guy and fantastic to work with really cared equally as much as I did and developing the characters and relationships and not just rehearsing lines but just talking about things and relationships And actually getting to know each other as people as really helped in when we started filming especially later on in film.
A lot happened that was not filmed, that would have happened as a couple and conversations they had. We had to know each other inside out as opposed to just knowing the character. If you don't know the person you're working with, it’s not as organic and natural. It was lovely because I hadn’t experienced this degree with him and Chris and Ruby who is phenomenal and sweet, but with all three I only had one scene with ruby and with Pierce too. The majority of my scenes were with Rob and Chris. I never felt I was reading the scene. I watched them and reacted to them and everything flowed. It was so beautiful.

M&C – Is it tough to walk away from not just the emotion but the cast and crew when the shoot is over?
EDR - It depends on the situation, work wise professionally and I keep in touch. It's always that way, some people keep in touch, and others don't. Everyone was passionate about the film, you could tell. Everybody at work was happy to be there. There was a wonderful feeling on the set a great vibe.

M&C - You threw yourself into the deep end here in such an emotionally charged story. Does it have a long-lasting effect on you?
EDR - It really does, especially this project. I was just incredibly passionate about the film and still am from the second I read the script and I vowed to do whatever it took to do, thankfully there wasn’t anything degrading! Especially while filming we shot for two months, relatively quick shoot and a lot of work day to day and I'd get back home and be emotionally drained some days. Some times you do feel like these things actually happened to you. So you have to sit back and think. Not every day but every few days it could be intense. I think that helps. If you feel that way, it’s good because you’re caught up in the character and it can bleed over momentarily. But I can walk away.

M&C – you made the cover of Entertainment Weekly last week for Lost. How would you say Lost has changed your career and personal life?
EDR - It’s such a unique show and I'm having an amazing time working on it. You don’t really get to be in a project for six years, well, five for me because I was away with Locke / not Locke. Doing the same character every day, I’d be incredibly bored, because I love to be challenged in different ways. But there is no time to be bored on Lost.
Not all the characters are in every episode and there is a huge cast with different people not always on the island at the same time, there’s island time, flash backs, flash forwards. Claire came back so very different after three years on her own. She changed in so many ways. That’s why I love film, I play different characters all the time, but Lost opened a lot of doors for me.
Emilie De Ravin will next be seen in Guardians of Ga’Hoole and Chameleon.

Thnx to Rachel Leigh from Fan Forum!

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