Friday, July 9, 2010

Flaunt Magazine outtakes (untagged)

Here are all the outtakes from Emilie's photoshoot in Flaunt Magazine. Or at least the ones i found. ;)
In an old post of mine i have posted some of the outtakes but not all because some of them were tagged! So here are all the untagged versions:


  1. She's wonderfully beautiful. Wow. I never imagined ... I really love the last pic!

  2. Yeah she is really beautiful indeed!! I love this photoshoot!! The last pic is really great! I also love the sixth and the one with the wolf!!!! Very artistic and sexy in the same time ;)

  3. Me again , John. Yes, this is a great photoshoot, sexy but classy. I like the second pic a lot too (the one on top on the right), she's got such amazing clear blue eyes. And this lovely blonde hair. And I hadn't even realized there was one with a wolf... Wow, they should have cast Emilie in Eclipse too!


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