Friday, July 30, 2010

My "Operation Endgame" Review

Hello everyone! As i told you in another post about Operation Endgame, i saw the movie i wanted to write a review about it in order to share it with you! You can read it bellow:

THE MOVIE: I think it was a good movie (not a masterpiece) and it could have been released in more theaters. There was a lot of mystery and action in it and i was curious to know what is going on from the beggining to the end... There was a lot of voilence and blood too but i was prepered for that so it wasn't a problem for me... The main drawback of the movie was the plot! The characters were not developed enough and the comedic ones weren't "used" enough as well. They didn't have a lot of lines and the movie was an action film and not a comedy. This doesn't mean it was not enjoyable but i think with such a strong cast they should have done more. Moreover, i thought the movie was kind of sort. If it was longer i believe that some of it's problem would be solved and the actors would have more screen time to show their talent! Furthermore, i don't know what to think about the end. It wasn't that bad but some things weren't explained enough. I would like to watch it again with subtitles in order to understand it better but i am still not sure if i liked the end!

EMILIE'S CHARACTER (HEIROPHANT): I think that Heirophant is my favorite character from the movie.I would discribe her as a creepy-cute creature! To be honest i was kind of afraid of her in some scenes.. Emilie was amazing! I think it was one of her best performances so far!! Whenever Emilie was in a scene i had a huge smile in my face, i was kind of proud of her because she was doing sth completely different from what she has done so far. Heirophant was nothing like crazy Claire. I thought that they were gonna have similarities but there were two completely different crazy people! And that is great because Emilie could have just done what she did in Lost! And i am extra happy to write these things because Emilie is almost unexperienced in the comedy gerne!! I also loved her accent. Whenever i heard her talking it was like watching True Blood!

So, even though it is not a perfect movie and has some flaws, i enjoyed it and i recomment you seeing it! You will have a great time and if you love Emilie, you are gonna love her in this film too!!! Her role is something Em has never done before!!! I am sure you will be amazed by her. She wasn't the lead actress of the movie but her role was much bigger that i first thought! If you have already seen it feel free to share your thoughs in the "comments section"
See you soon!! (I will post some parts from other reviews with great comments about Em's performance in the movie soon so keep an eye on the blog :) )


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