Saturday, August 21, 2010

Lost season 6 DVD extras: Bloopers, behind the scenes videos, promo, sqirrel baby and much more

The Lost season 6 DVD and Blu-Ray is coming on August 24 and a lot of clips from the extras are already online! You can see all of them in this post in order to prepare youself for the DVD which includes everything!
First of all here is a promo for the DVD and Blu-Ray:

Secondly, here is a video showing a part of the DVD's bloopers. Unfortunately Emilie is not in it:

Moreover here are a couple of clips from the extas:

Here are a video from the set of Lost and another one about Sqirrel Baby:

Finally, here is a video with information about LOST: The Complete Collection Blu-ray Box Set:

If you are interested in watching more videos you can use this link:

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