Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Operation: Endgame available on DVD in Australia and Greece, High Noon shown in Germany last August

 Despite the fact that "Operation: Endgame" was released straight to DVD (after been shown in a couple of theaters in LA and New York), and "High Noon" is a movie made for TV, both movies managed to be released in other countries or shown on TV.
 On the one hand "Operation: Endgame" was realised on Blu-ray and DVD in Australia on September 15. It also available in Greece, since it was released last month.
 "High Noon", on the other hand, was shown in a lot of countries by various channels. It was actually shown in Sweden, Spain, France, Italy and Germany (it was shown there last August, but unfortunately i didn't learn it soon enough in order to inform you). The movie is also released in DVD in Netherlands.
So, if you live in one of these countries and you haven't seen "Operation: Endgame" or "High Noon" you can check them out on DVD or wait for reruns on TV!

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