Thursday, January 6, 2011

Representative from "The Chameleon's" distributor company communicates with "Dedicated to Emilie"

 Hello everyone! A few days ago you had the chance to watch a new trailer for The Chameleon here! When i found the trailer on the official site of Lightning Entertainment, the distributor of "The Chameleon", i decided to send an email to a representative of the company asking him information about the release of the film! I am really happy to announce you that yesterday he answered me! Unfortunately, he couldn't provide me with any information right now, but he told me to feel free and email him back in the upcoming months because we would probably have more info to share with me. I think this is really positive because this might means that they are working on the project and that it might be released later this year. Don't take it for granted, i just make an assumption. But i have to say i am optimistic about the release of the film! I looks really good so i hope we have the chance to see it in theaters! So what we have to do is beeing patient and support the film when it comes out! If i have more info about it i will let you know!!!

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