Saturday, February 5, 2011

"Waiting for Emilie to return" Part 13

  About a week ago, i informed you that the biggest movie site in Greece (and one of my favorite ones),, after running some polls with the best movies of 2010 and the sexiest actress of the year, named Emilie's appearence in Remember Me the sexiest of the year (Emilie shared the first place with Michelle Rodriguez for her role in Machete). Readers of the site and fans of Emilie that learned about the poll here, were voting for 2 weeks!
 This gave the idea to make a tribute to the sexiest appearences, photoshoots and generally the hottest moments of Emilie!
 What i like about Emilie is that she doesn't want to be provocative through her appearences or photoshoots. She adds an artistic element to them, which doesn't make her look cheap! But that doesn't stop her from being sexy ;)
 I think i talked enough! Let's explore the sexy side of Emilie!

  Firstly, let's check some sexy moments of Emilie's in movies and TV! First stop, The Hills Have Eyes! Emilie played Brenda Carter!

 Here is the trailer of the movie:

 Second stop, Emilie's quest appearences on CSI: Miami, NCIS and The Handler. Before she landed the role of Claire on Lost Em appeared in a lot of shows. Check some photos of her bellow:
The Handler:


CSI: Miami:

Now let's take a lot to some photos from The Chameleon. I haven't seen the movie yet but from the stills i've seen i like Emilie's look!
Now let's take a look in a couple of Emilie's photoshoots (i will show you more photos from Emilie's projects in next posts!)
One of the most recent (and one of my favorite ones is Em's phoshoot in Flaunt Magazine! Take a look at it below:

 Finally, here are photos from various photoshoots of Emilie:

This is only the beggining of the tribute. Stay tuned for much more!
(Btw i would like to thank Emilie Online for the majority of the photos!)

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