Thursday, June 30, 2011

Dedicated to Emilie's "YouTube Channel" is online!

  Hello guys! I know that i haven't been updating the blog often during the last period of time but this is gonna change! I have a lot of ideas about "Dedicated to Emilie" and you will see them shortly! I decided to start br creating a YouTube account!
  By this account i will be able to create and share with you videos related to Emilie and her projects! It will also be a source of trailers, clips or tv spots from Emilie's movies and tv shows!
  Since "The Chameleon" hits the theaters next week, the first thing i am going to post is the U.S. trailer of the film that Lleju Productions just send me! It is almost the same with a previous one i has shown you but it contains a couple of new scenes as well! I am uploading right now actually so stay tuned!

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