Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Emilie has a new project! And it's Finnish!

 I think that we all were waiting for this moment for almost a year. It was just announced that Emilie landed the leading role in a movie that will be filmed in Finland this summer. The production will start later this month and the filming proccess will end this August! According to the information announced Emilie will travel to Finland later this week! The film is called "Love and other troubles". The screenplay is writen Katri Manninen and Samuli Valkama. Samuli Valkama will also direct the film! Emilie will play a dancing teacher! Here is a synopsis posted on IMDb:

Ville, 25, is a downbeat former child star who's successfully avoided his womanizing rock 'n' roll dad for years. Everything changes when his dad moves into his flat and they both fall in love with the same American line-dancing teacher. 

These great news were announced in a Finnish site. I tried to translate it so i hope i didn't write something wrong! I suppose more information will be announced soon, so stay tuned!

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