Sunday, July 3, 2011

Exclusive: List of the theaters where "The Chameleon" will be shown!

Yesterday, Keith Perkins from "LLeju Productions" sent me a list with all the theaters "The Chameleon" will debut! He also told me that the movie is not going to premiere in all these theaters in the same time. People that live in Phoenix and NY will be able to the the movie on July 15th while "The Chameleon" will be available on Palm Desert on July 22nd! I will present you more information for each theater later in order to be able to find it easier. For now you can check the list below:

Plaza Frontenac 6 (St. Louis, MO)         July 8                             
Opera Plaza 4 (Sanfrancisco, CA)          July 8
Varsity 3 (Seattle, WA)                              July 8
Sunset 5 (Los Angeles, CA)                      July 8
New Culver Plaza (Culver City, CA)       July 8
Fallbrook 7  Cinemas (West Hill, CA)     July 8
Hollywood 3 (Portland, OR)                     July8
Lagoon 5 Cinemas (Minneapolis, MN)   July 8
Quad Cinema (NY, NY)        July 15
Valley Art Theater (Phoenix/Tempe, AZ)    July 15

    Cinemas Palm d’ Or (Palm Desert, CA)   July 22

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