Saturday, April 10, 2010


More reviews:

- "'The Perfect Game' is a strong family movie that will strike a chord with baseball history buffs, or anyone who knows what it is like to be a kid in love with the game..." - Ben Apatoff,

- "A truly inspirational family film which sheds a positive light on Latinos everywhere..." - Fernando Esquivél,

- "The perfect sports movie. A touching tale of the human spirit..." - Parimal Rohit, Campus Circle/Buzzine Magazine

- "Perfect entertainment!" - Gerri Miller - Scholastic/Quizfest

- The Perfect Game: "It’s amazing," "Will touch your heart..." - Tommy Calle, Hoy Newspaper

- "Sentimental movie..." - Alfonso De Elias, Orale USA

- "Five out of five stars," "A perfect sports movie...," "One of the best sports movies ever...," "A true grand slam..." - Kids Pick Flicks

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