Saturday, May 1, 2010

New project called Dead Space (?)

Let's hope that this is true! IMDb has listed an upcoming film called Dead Space in Emilie's project's. The film is in development and Emilie's participation in the film is not confirmed yet but here is some information i managed to gather:

Electronic Arts' survival horror science fiction video game Dead Space is being adapted into a movie. Released in the fall of 2008, the console game drew rave reviews and solid sales for its scares and shocks aboard a deep space mining ship infested with transformed human corpses out to add you to their number. The video game publisher is taking an active role with the project and acting as an active producer on it, a path that they are also taking with the movie based on their upcoming Dante's Inferno game. EA has partnered with film producers Marty Bowen and Wyck Godfrey (Twilight, The Nativity Story) to develop the Dead Space film. Together the trio have attracted the interest of director D.J. Caruso (Eagle Eye, Disturbia) and have attached him to their project. The movie is only now taking pitches from screenwriters and once that component of the creative team has been selected, only then will EA, Godfrey and Bowen take the concept out to studios to sell.
Inspired by such films as The Thing and the original Alien, Dead Space game takes place about the ISS Ishimura, a "planet-cracker" starship in orbit around a far-off world. You play as Isaac Clarke, a member of a rescue team dispatched to the Ishimura when all communication from it ends. Once aboard you and your crew are attacked by grotesque creatures called necromorphs which are the members of the Ishimura that have been killed and transformed by an alien virus. Every shadow becomes a potential hiding spot for another necromorph and there are plenty of shocking moments throughout the game. Two sequels are in development and an animated prequel movie titled Dead Space: Downfall was released concurrently with the game.

IMDb has included this film in a list with animated films but it doesn't sound like a cartoon. So we have to wait for more information to be announced.

Update: According to IMDb Ving Rhames is also gonna be in the film. 

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