Saturday, December 24, 2011

Emilie de Ravin's new interview about "Love and Other Troubles"

 The wait will be soon over, cause Emilie de Ravin's new movie "Love and Other Troubles" aka "Hulluna Saraan" will be released in finnish theaters on January 27th! In order to support her new film, our favorite actress gave a new interview talking about her experience in Finland, her costars and more. The interview was posted in the movie's official Facebook page, so you have to pay a visit to see it! Here is the link:  Emilie de Ravinilta! | Facebook
 Unfortunately, the most of us won't be able to see the film in Finland, but this doesn't mean "Dedicated to Emilie" will stop supporting it! Stay tuned, so you can see a lot of things related to the movie!

Update: Here is the YouTube version of the video! Thnx to Domilie4ever for it!!!!

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