Thursday, May 6, 2010

REMEMBER ME Box Office Update: Close to $55 Million Worldwide

Robert Pattinson’s Remember Me has likely crossed — or at least is quite near — the $55m mark worldwide. In the United States and Canada, Allen Coulter’s romantic melodrama starring Pattinson, Lost’s Emilie de Ravin, and Pierce Brosnan, has grossed $19.025m to date. Overseas, box-office figures found at Box Office Mojo add up to $33.139m. Total: 52,164m.

However, as I’ve mentioned in a previous post about Remember Me’s international box-office performance, Box Office Mojo’s figures for foreign countries are incomplete.

Less than half the countries listed have fully updated box-office totals (Sunday, May 2), while key markets such as Brazil, Australia, Russia, and "near-major" markets such as the Netherlands and Poland haven’t had their figures updated in weeks. Also, Swiss figures are unavailable.

Additionally, British and French box-office numbers for Remember Me are a week old.

Remember Me has done particularly well in the UK — the London-born Pattinson was present at the movie’s premiere in his native city — grossing $5.494m (includes Ireland).

Although that doesn’t mean Remember Me was a runaway hit in that country, it does mean that it did quite well for a "non-commercial" intimate drama. Obviously, Pattinson was the chief reason for the film’s box-office pull.

Other key Remember Me markets are: France with $3.534m, Russia/CIS with $3.396m, Germany with $3.311m, Spain with $2.566m, Italy with $2.358m, Brazil $1.893m, Belgium/Luxemburg with $1.288m, and Australia with $1.216m.

Remember Me has yet to open in three major markets: China, Japan, and South Korea. It opens in Hungary, where Pattinson filmed parts of Bel Ami, today.

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