Thursday, July 28, 2011

Emilie's new interview with

 A lot of things are going on on the set of "Love and Other Troubles" and a new interview of Emilie's just surfaced today! Emilie spoke with about her new project during the lunch break on the sixth day of shooting. Here is what she said:

Emilie talks about Finland:
- I did not know much about Finland, its just what was taught in school - a geographical location. I love to travel, so it was fun to come and explore the places before the shooting started.
Emilie talks about working on a
bilingual project:
- It's cool. Few movies are trying it. It opens the film to an international audience, and bilingualism creates the subtle nuances of its own kind of humor.

Emilie about reading the script and doing a comedy:
-In March I got the script, i read it and loved it. Then we discussed through the Internet telephone service Skype with Sam (the director of the film). I had long wanted to do comedy, but something that is not quite so ordinary. Sam has a unique sence of humor. The manuscript was the most original comedy, which has been offered to me. It's not overbearing, but rather organic and natural.
Emilie talks about the movie's possibility to have international success:
- I believe in it. Sam has a unique sense of humor. Having lived in the United States and Australia, I believe that, at least in those countries' success is very possible.

Emilie also added that she likes to work on indipendent projects because actors and directors have the freedom to be creative and artistic!

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  1. Does anyone know if Emilie is dating someone at the moment?


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