Tuesday, July 26, 2011

More photos from the set of "Love and Other Troubles"

  The filming of "Love and Other Troubles" is in process and a couple of new photos are online! Unfortunately, we can't see Emilie but it amazing that we have movie updates on a daily basis. In the first one (above), you can see the set of the film and members of the cast and the crew. Maybe Emilie is in the backround but we can not be sure about that! This photo was posted on a finnish site called www.ts.fi!

  In the second picture, which was posted on Bronson Club's Facebook account, you can see some bottles. In know it might sounds weird, but these bottles bellong to the cast and the crew of "Love and Other Troubles". As you can see, each one of them has code names. Emilie's code name is "Nancy Callahan". For those who don't know, "Nancy Callahan" is a character from "Sin City". In the film adaption by Robert Rodrigez she was played by Jessica Alba! They probably chose this nickname, because Emilie's character, Sara, is is a line dancing teacher (Nancy was a dancer too)! Let's hope that more pictures will surface soon!

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