Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Official Facebook page for "Love and Other Troubles" aka "Hulluna Saraan " aka "Crazy About Sara"

  Today, the producers of "Love and Other Troubles" created the official Facebook page of the film. By being a member of it, you will be able to have access to everything posted about the film-photos, links from other sites or coments by the producers of the movie. You can also check "Bronson Club's" Facebook page for more updates!
  Something else you should know is that the finnish title of the movie has been announced! It's "Hulluna Saraan " which means "Crazy About Sara". I like the title, i think it describes the story of the movie in a perfect way!
  So, what do you think about the news? Don't forget to leave your comments bellow and express your opinion!

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