Thursday, July 28, 2011

Emilie's first interview after a year!

  Here is a brand new interview of Emilie's from the set of "Love and Other Troubles"! It has been more than a year since we last saw Emilie talking about her projects or other things! It is really great to see her again!
  In this video, you can see Emilie talking about the movie and how she became a part of it! You can also find out more about Finland, Turku and the people there. Emilie also reveals that after finishing the movie, she has some things in the works but nothing is arranged yet! Finally, Samuli Valkama, the director of the film, talks about how he approached Emilie in order to star in the movie:
Emilie de Ravin's Interview in has also interviewed Emilie's co-stars Jussi Nikkilä and Ville Virtanen. Here are the links you need in order to see them:
Jussi Nikkilä's Interview in
Ville Virtanen's Interview in


  There are tones of updates for the movie in numerous Finnish sites. I am trying to translate them now, so stay tuned for more articles, interviews and photos!

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