Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Katri Manninen, co-writer of "Love and Other Troubles" talks to "Dedicated to Emilie"

  A few days ago, i decided to write an article about Emilie de Ravin's new movie "Love and Other Troubles". I included everything i found through the internet about the production, the cast, the place the movie is being filmed and anything related to the project! Today, while checking the comment section, i found out that Katri Manninen, the person who wrote the script with director Samuli Valkama, had left a comment!

  As you can imagine this made me very happy! But what made me even happier is what Katri told me. I think you should see her comment too, so here is what she wrote to me:

...I'm Katri Manninen, the co-writer of the film.

I'll visit the set in a couple of weeks, so I haven't met Emilie yet, but one of the producers with whom I talked after the first week told me that they're all in awe with her.

She's extremely professional, keeps asking (good) questions and is also very sweet and lovely. Her chemistry with both men is great on screen, which makes me very happy, because chemistry is something you can't really make happen if it isn't there.

As that producer said: "We were very lucky to get her".

Also the mood in the set has been great -- even better than expected (and we expected it to be good, since the director is a kind, sweet and smart guy with a great sense of humor).

This is my third feature film to be produced (in addition to hundreds of TV show episodes I've written) and I have to say this is by far the best script I've ever written. It's funny, sweet, crazy and heartwarming. We started writing the project in 2008 and have written well over 20 major versions of it. When we wrote the final version of the script earlier this year, we really felt that we had finally got the story right.

The budget is comparable with $5,000,000 US budget -- sure it's a low budget for US but an average budget in Finland.

Thank you for a great article! Can't wait to meet Emilie and see how the film will turn out.
    To begin with, the fact that the people who work with Emilie say all these great things about her is amazing! It is another confirmation that the actress we love and support is authentic! Furthermore, i would like to wish Katri has a great time on the set with Emilie and the rest of the cast and the crew. Finally, i would like to thank her and all the people who work on the movie for all those updates. For the last 10 days, producers and other crew members of the film have been posting photos tweets or comments about the movie in various sites and social networks. I believe this is a sign of their support to the movie and their respect to the fans who are always eager to find out more about the film. Without them, me and other owners of sites dedicated to Emilie, wouldn't be able to keep you updated! So thanks once more!


  1. Hehee... Here's a brand new video of Emilie:

  2. Thank you very much for your help!


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