Sunday, December 4, 2011

All the latest news from Once Upon A Time

  As the most of you probably know, Emilie de Ravin is going to potray Belle from Beauty and the beast in one of the upcoming episodes of "Once Upon A Time". Since these news where announced, a lot of things about Emilie's participation in the series came to the surface. I collected them all and i will present them to you in this post.
  First of all, in the photo on the left you can see Emilie on the set of the series in Vancouver. She looks gorgious in the "Belle" outfit and the brunette wig! I think Emilie will make a perfect Belle! In the photo you can also see Robert Carlyle, whose character is said to be connected with Belle.
   Show producer Adam Horowitz had a few nice things to say about Emilie's casting: "Emilie projects a very natural strength and warmth, which are characteristics we wanted to explore with Belle." He also added that Belle's story will veer away from the traditional version in some ways, but we can still expect to see some incarnations of Belle's father, the Beast, and Gaston.
  Emilie's episode is called "Skin Deep" and will premire on ABC on Valentine's Day. Untill then you can watch the show on ABC every Sunday!


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